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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1951. Asia and the Pacific (in two parts)

South Asia: multilateral relations,   pp. 1650-2003 PDF (136.2 MB)

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Kandahar. Charge promised bring these views to attention GOP with
positive recommendation.
  As previously indicated, Emb considers that atmosphere conducive
to satisfactory settlement Pak-Af dispute, if on no more than tem-
porary basis, is being rapidly generated Emb feels this result, in large
measure, PriMin's own earnest wish for opportunity for peaceful
development Afghan industry and economy. Emb therefore believes
it wld be important if face-saving formula (largely intended to
strengthen PriMin's hand against more nationalistic elements) could
be accompanied by economic advantages to GOA. These wld not be
essentially bribe, but rather wld be intended rationalize Afghan's land
lockedposition, and to replace archaic Brit system of refundable cus-
toms duties, which has led to great delays in Afghan imports and
exports, and very considerable increase in costs thereof. Emb hopes
that ultimately GOA can be offered free jort arrangement in Karachi,
and that rail line shld be extended into Kandahar, thereby making
possible exemptionAfghan goods from customs examination and duty
within Pak. At same time, Emb wld like to envisage substantial im-
provement Kabul-Kandahar road (partially paid for by US grant
  These improvements in communications not only wld bolster
Afghan econ, but wld be of ultimate military value in event Soy
aggression in this area. For that reason, if for no other, Emb wld
recommend strong support by Dept and Emb Karachi along those
lines. Army Attach6 concurs.
   Dept pass Karachi. Sent Dept 260, rptd info Karachi 45, poulched
London unn, Delhi unn, Moscow unn.
 689.90D/12-1851 :Telegram
   The Charge in Afghanistan (Homer) to the Secretary of State
 SECRET                         KABuL, December 18, 1951-1 p. m.
   290. We wish to reiterate our belief that progress can be made in
 settling Afghan-Pak differences if we take advantage now of evident
 Afghan desire find face-saving formula. Vital point in Embtel 250
 is achievement one or more year's moratoruim on allI Pashtun propa-
 ganda or vituperative press and radio exchanges; we believe that
 Pashtun campaign, once buried, wld be difficult if not impossible to
 dig up again (PriMin is far too astute not to have realized this when
 he made his suggestion reported in Embtel 231 of Nov 8). Since Dept
 expresses reluctance to have US give written assurance that Pashtun
 case will be given hearing when world tension ceases we suggest possi-
 bility GOP wld be willing give such written assurance which, how-

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