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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1951. Asia and the Pacific (in two parts)

Japan,   pp. 777-1477 PDF (267.6 MB)

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    The Secretary of Defense (Marshall) to the Secretary of State
TOP SECRET                           WVASHINGTON, February 15, 1951.
  DEAR MR. SECRETARY: I am forwarding herewith for your infor-
mation and consideration a memorandum of 9 February 1951 in which
the Joint Chiefs of Staff present certain recommendations regarding
the National Police Reserve in Japan, I concur in these recommenda-
tions and believe that, from the military point of view, they should
be put into effect as soon as possible.
  In the light of their international political implications, I would
appreciate your views as soon as possible before presenting these recom-
mendations to the President for his approval. In order to hasten con-
sideration of this matter I am attaching for your comment, a draft
letter to the President recommending his approval.'
  Faithfully yours,                                  G.C. MARSHALL,
TOP SECRET                            WASIIINGTON, 9 February 1951.
Subject: National Police Reserve-Japan (NPRJ).
   1. General MacArthur has reported to the Department of the Army
that "the current situation dictates an urgent need for furnishing
equipment to NPRJ [National Police Reserve-Japan],2 priority to
be co-equal with Korean requirements, with the least practicable
   2. The Joint Chiefs of Staff consider that the gravity of the current
threat to the security of Japan (which is expected to become particu-
larly acute by early May) makes !it urgent to ship immediately to
General MacArthur the equipment he has requested.4 However, in
  1Not printed.
  Brackets in the source text.
  3Quotation is from telegram C-52610, from Tokyo, Januiary 3, 1951, not
  .(Department of Defense Files)
  'In the telegram  cited in footnote 3 above, General MacArthur had
  requested a detailed list of equipment for the NPIRJ, including medium
tanks and
  -155 mm. howitzers. In .telegram DA-80467 to Tokyo, January 7, the Department
  ,of the Army had replied in part that its own analysis had indicated that
  sibly a light div . . . would be preferable to divisional organization
you are con-
  sidering for NPRJ. In particular there has been doubt regarding inclusion
  medium tanks, 155 mm.. Hows, and other heavy loads in NPRJ Divs."
  ment of Defense Files)
  In C-52979 from Tokyo, January 8, the Far Eastern Command had replied as
  follows: "Planned NPRJ divisional structure considered sound and entirely
  suitable for any eventuality including even ,the all-out aggression against
  proper by foreign forces equipped and ,trained in accordance with Communist
  1tactical doctrine which experience has demonstrated invariably includes

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