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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1951. Asia and the Pacific (in two parts)

Indochina,   pp. 332-582 PDF (99.7 MB)

Page 338

ernment forms, street signs, money, etc. As long as Bao Dai is our
candidate he must be ingeniously "sold"-an American advisor should
be stationed with him. Bao Dai should issue now first of series of "last
calls" to erring VM nationalists-he should announce, in his name,
projects for building, "two year plans" and the like.
  Political warfare should be aggressively pushed-playing on dis-
persed nature Viet Minh, promoting discord, defeatism, confusion,
using all media borrowed or bought-radio, pamphlets, press, agents,
word-of-mouth-with all shades of allegiance ,and experts for these
activities should not be further delayed. Legation should inaugurate
cooperation with projected Franco-British joint committee for psycho-
logical warfare Saigon.
  Certain of foregoing recommendations will involve expenditures
for which appropriations may not now be earmarked for IC. Lega-
tion final recommendation is for all interested US agencies survey
current funds to determine if special deficiency appropriations will
be needed for defense of IC in next six months. If they may be, we
recommend promptest submittal necessary bills.
  MAAG, Service Attachis, STEM concur in foregoing.
  Department pass Paris; sent Department 1157, repeated info Paris
544, Hanoi unnumbered. Department please pass other posts as
      The Minister at Saigon (Heath) to the Secretary of State
SECRET                                   SAIGON, January 2, 19510
No. 408
Subject: Viet Minh and counter-guerrillas in Laos
  On the occasion of my trip to Vientiane and Luang Prabang to
present my letters of credence to King Sisavang Vong of Laos, I had
long talks with the Prime Minister, Excellency Phoui Sananikone,
and Crown Prince Savang (refer Legation Despatch No. 405 of
January 2, 1951)' concerning the creation of provincial counter-
guerrilla forces for which armament was requested by the Laotian
and French Governments (see Legtels No. 857, November 14 and
No. 942, November 25, 1950).2 J was told that the French were finally
able to provide somewhat heterogeneous armament, and groups totally
[totalling] some 4,000 men are actually in the field. Prime Minister
Sananikone, while expressing confidence that this new force would
diminish rural and urban terrorism and sabotage by roaming Viet
Minh bands, feared that the Viet Minh might simply increase the
number and size of these bands.
  Not printed.
  2Neither printed.

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