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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1951. Asia and the Pacific (in two parts)

Indochina,   pp. 332-582 PDF (99.7 MB)

Page 335

                               INDOCHINA                          335
    Accumulating evidence also indicates at least some Viet business
  sand political "leaders" looking forward assumption formerly
  -economic apparatus of dirigi8me in order line own pockets and that
  whole transfer governmental and economic powers may create serious
  problem for new governments due lack trained personnel and reluc-
  tance continuance rely on French advisers. Another Philippine situa-
  tion clearly possible.'1
    II(A). ,Military.
    1. Immediate shipment all items requested by French in emergency
 list recommended Legtel 566 and later request for equipment of Viet
 -army, Legtel 1077 of December 16 pouched Paris plus greatest ex-
 pedition of possible shipment remaining fiscal year 1950 and fiscal
 -year 1951 MDAP items.12
    2. French must be convinced prepare or at least consent to prepara-
 tion of counter-guerrilla and resistance organization for operation
 within and behind enemy lines, and for communications network in
 upper Tonkin. Correlation of such activities with systematic aid to
 ,Chinese Nationalists guerrillas in southern China provinces should
 be established. So far counter-guerrilla war and implantation of re-
 sistance organization have been slighted by French; nor is there any
 sure indication that De Lattre '- will move at an early date to remedy
 this deficiency.
   3. Area, military conference of at least US-UK-France to be held
 -earliest possible date to explore possibilities unified strategic concept.
 -Almost year has passed since Legation recommended joint staff talks
 and systematic intelligence exchanges within area and from time to
 time suggestion has received various endorsements. View deepening
 IC crisis conference should no longer be delayed.
   4. Legation believes projected MDAP allocations for Title III
-countries 14 1952 should be rescanned determined whether IC which
Jmust meet primary threat and where fate all other SEA countries
will in large measure be determined could receive increased supplies.
   5. If financial aid for national armies necessary under conditions
posited part I Legation recommends serious consideration to grant
-direct financial aid.
   6. If Chinese Communists intervene in open aggression Legation
 assumes UN and US must assist French and AS. Form of this assist-
 ├Żance in primary stages would be air units and carrier strikes. In
 .meantime Legation would urge review decision no US carrier now
 available for transfer to French in IC and immediate earmarking
 -carrier units for eventual US operations against Sino-VM. lReadiness
 "For documentation on U.S. relations with the Philippines, see pp.
 32Telegrams 566, October 16, 1950, and 1077, December 16, 1950, from Saigon,
 are not printed. For other documentation on French requests for military
 assistance, see Foreign Relations, 1950, vol. Vw, pp. 690 ff.
 .G*'nlral d'Arm'e Jean de Lattre de Tassigny, French High Commissioner
in Indochina; Commander of French Union forces in Indochina.
   Reference is to the Mutual Defense Assistance Act of 1949 (Public Law
81st Cong.; 63 Stat. 714) as amended in 1950 (Public Law 621, 81st Cong.;
Stat. 373) ,under which military ,assistance was being programmed. Title
:Section 303, authorized aid to counttries in the "general area"
of China.

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