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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1951. Asia and the Pacific (in two parts)

Burma,   pp. 267-330 PDF (25.0 MB)

Page 330

       "I believe that the i       is conditions are serious enough
    to make it wise for British and American officials to get together
    as soon as possible and discuss whfta40 ef t   ee*i4tiffe 4gh
    4&- ei     Lia; isd;44JIlly e I 11: 4 ;fteefmfiP;L eo e1-wee4isQes
    ithif the situation."
  b. The fourth sentence of the second paragraph should be revised
to indicate that any increases of war materials supplied to the
Burmese forces from United States sources would be very limited;
  c. Delete the last sentence of the- second paragraph.
  4. In order that the section of-the subject paper entitled "Dis-
cussion" conform to the views expressed in paragraph 3 above the
Joint Chiefs of Staff recommended that subparagraph (3) under
"Discussion" be amended to read as follows:
   "(3) An exploration of possible ef4 ef   ;.eA situa
tions that might arise in case the Communists should be successful in
their declared intention of establishing control over a substantial
part of Northern Burma within the next two years."
   5. In the interest of completeness, the Joint Chiefs of Staff suggest
the addition of the following new paragraph at the end of the
  "This discussion does not take into consideration the possibility
Chinese Communist aggression in-Southeast Asia. The United States
policy under this eventuality is now undergoing review."
                                    For the Joint Chiefs of Staff:
                                               OMAR N. BRADLEY
                                             Joint Chiefs of Staff

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