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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1951. Asia and the Pacific (in two parts)

Burma,   pp. 267-330 PDF (25.0 MB)

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  The project has the enthusiastic support of Ambassador Key (Tab
A),' appropriate ECA     officials (Tabs B and C),2 and interested
officers in the Bureau of Far Eastern Affairs.
  That you approve that the Bureau of Far Eastern Affairs indicate
to ECA that State Dept. supports the project to finance the construc-
tion of buildings to house a Buddhist university and the Sixth Budd-
hist Council.3
  P-Mr. Barrett-see memo of December 5, attached.4
  As the Ambassador, the Bureau and ECA have all considered th&
factor on which the reservations of the P area were based and still feel
that the project should go ahead, Mr. Barrett has agreed to withdraw
his reservations.
  1Not printed.
  2 Neitherprinted.
  I On January 9, 1952, the Secretary of State sent a memorandum to ,the
tor of Mutual .Security (Harriman) ,to inform him -that the Department of
supported the use of ECA counterpart funds in Burma to aid in the construction
of buildings to house a Buddhist university at Rangoon (890B.43/12-2751).
  Not printed. In that memorandum, Mr. Barrett, the Assistant Secretary of
State for Public Affairs, informed Mr. Allison that he was -willing to withdraw
his reservations about this project, which bad been based on the danger of
American support being misinterpreted or misunderstood in -the United States
     The Secretary of Defense (Lovett) to the Secretary of State
SECRET                                WASHINGTON, January 2, 1952..
   DEAR MR. SECRETARY: Reference is made to Department of State
 draft position paper TCT D-5/7b entitled "Burma"l.
   The Joint Chiefs of Staff concur generally in the Position to be:
Presented in this paper but strongly recommend certain modifications
in that section of the paper and elsewhere to avoid the implication that
the United States might entertain planning which would directly
involve this nation in Burma in certain eventualities, Other recom-
mendations are made in the interests of clarity, preciseness, and com-
pleteness. These views are contained in the inclosed memorandum of
the Joint Chiefs of Staff, which have my concurrence.'
   Sincerely yours.                                ROBERT A. LOVETT-
   The Department of State's special Steering Group accepted the recommenda-
 tions of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and issued the approved Position Paper
 Burma on that same day designated, TCT D-5/7c.

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