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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1951. The United Nations; the Western Hemisphere

Dominican Republic,   pp. 1367-1393 PDF (11.3 MB)

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1370           FOREIGN RELATIONS, 1951, VOLUME HI
revised, and would submit these proposed revisions to the Dominican
Government through our Embassy at Ciudad Trujillo, in accordance
-with the already agreed on plan to have the agreement negotiated and
,signed there.
   After the Dominicans had left, the United States Government rep-
 resentatives tentatively agreed to suggest to the Dominicans a 12 or
 15-year period, and to accede to a 10-year period if necessary. If it is
 decided to present this alternative to the Dominican Government it
 will be included in the Department's suggested modifications of the
 Dominican draft for presentation by our Embassy to the Dominican
   The several drafts and counterdrafts of the proposed LRPG agreement ex-
 changed by the United States and the Dominican Republic between May and
 November, 1951, are in Department of State decimal files 711.56341B and
   On November 26, 1951, the United States and the Dominican Republic signed
 at Ciudad Trujillo an agreement, with an-accompanying exchange of notes
of the
 same date, providing for the extension through a portion of Dominican terri-
 tory of the flight-test range for guided missiles of the United States Air
 Missile Test Center at Cocba, Florida. The agreement was transmitted to
 Department of State under cover of despatch 327, from Ciudad Trujillo, No-
 vember 29, 1951, not printed (711.56339/11-2951). For text of the agreement
 and notes, see Department of State Treaties and Other International Acts
 (TIAS) No. 2425, or United States Treaties and Other International Agreements
 (UST), vol. 3 (pt. 2), p. 2569.
    The Aqmbassador in the Dominican Republic (Ackerman) to the
                         Department of State
 SECRET                               CIUDAD TrtTJILLO, July 9, 1951.
 No. 14
 Subject: Conversation with President and Foreign Secretary Re-
      garding Dominican Troops for UN'
   In my conversation today with President Trujillo2 and Foreign
   Secretary Diaz Ord6fiez (this is the first time he has had Secretary
   Diaz Ord6fiez present at our interviews) concerning the position of
   the Dominican Republic in the Korean campaign and the contribution
   of armed forces for the UN, reported in my telegram 8, of July 9,
   1951,3 the President repeated to me substantially the views he had
   expressed to General Watson 4 in the conversation reported in my
   despatch 848, June 27, 1951.5
   For additional documentation concerning United States efforts to secure
   La tin American governments offers of troop participation in Korea, see
pp. 985 ff.
   'Rafael Leonidas Trujillo Molina.
     SNot printed.
     ' Lt. Gen. Thomas E. Watson (ret.).
     5 o printed (795B3.5/6-2751).

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