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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1951. The United Nations; the Western Hemisphere

The United Nations,   pp. 1-869 PDF (338.7 MB)

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Commissions of the Economic and Social Council and United States
Social: Arthur J. Altmeyer
Nar wtics: Harry J. Anslinger
Transort andCommunications (not to convene until 1953):; George
    P. Baker
Fiscal (not to convene until 1953) * Edward F. Bartelt
Population (not to convene until 1953): Philip: M. Hauser (resigne
    June 1951)
Statudsof Women: Mrs. OliveRemington Goidr       ..n
Economic, Employment and Development Commission,- (discontinued:g
    until December 31, 1954): Leroy D. Stinebower; (resigned
    March 14,1952)                         AV
Statistical: Stuart A. Rice
Human=: Rights:, Mrs, :Franklin D. Roosevelt
Regional Commissions of the Economic and Social Council.
Economic Commission for Asia and the Far East.
United States representative (eighth session)
  Merrill C. Gay
  Alternate United States representative (eighth session)
  Walter M. Kotschnig
  Economic Commission for Europe
  United States representatives
  Milton Katz (resigned August 15,1951)
  William H. Draper (seventh session)
  Alternate representatives
  Paul R. Porter (seventh session)
  Robert E. Asher (seventh session)
  Economic Commission for Latin America
  United States representative
  Claude G. Bowers
  Acting representative (fourth session)
  Merwin L. Bohan
                    THE TRUSTEESHIP COUNCIL-_-
 United States representative
   Francis B. Sayre
 Deputy representative
   Benjamin Gerig
 United States representative, Executive Board
   Katharine F. Lenroot

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