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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1951. The United Nations; the Western Hemisphere

List of abbrevations [abbreviations] and symbols,   pp. XIII-XVIII PDF (2.1 MB)


NWC, Office of North and West Coast
  Affairs, Department of State
NZ, New Zealand
OAR, other American Republics
OAS,   Organization   of  American
ODM, Office of Defense Mobilization
OFD, Office of Financial Development
  Policy, Department of State
OFMA, Office of Foreign Military Af-
  fairs, Department of Defense
  OIT, Office of International Trade,
  Department of Commerce
  OMA, Office of Military Assistance,
  Office of the Assistant to the Secre-
  tary of Defense (International Se-
  curity Affairs)
  OMP, Office of International Materi-
  als Policy, Department of State
  OOF, Office of Operating Facilities
  ORIT, Organizaci6n Regional Inter-
  americana de Trabajadores (Inter-
  American Regional Organization of
  OSA, Office of South American Af-
  fairs, Department of State
  OSD, Office of the Secretary of De-
  PASO, Pan American Sanitary Orga-
  PAU, Pan American Union
  PED, Petroleum Policy Staff, Office of
  International Materials Policy, De-
  partment of State
  Pemex, Petr6leos Mexieanos, S. A., a
  Mexican    Government agency   re-
  sponsible for management of the
  Mexican petroleum industry
  PJBD, Permanent Joint Board on De-
  P.L., Public Law
  POC, Peace Observation Commission
  PRC, People's Republic of China
  PriMin, Prime Minister
  PRP, Partido Revolucionario Prole-
    tario (Revolutionary  Proletarian
    Party) Venezuelan political party
  R, member of the Republican Party In
    the United States
  RCT, Regimental Combat Team
  reDeptel, regarding Department of
    State telegram
reEmbtel, regarding Embassy tele-
reftel, reference telegram
remytel, regarding my telegram
reurtel, regarding your telegram
RFC, Reconstruction Finance Corpo-
ROK, Republic of Korea
R.S., Revised Statutes
S, Office of the Secretary of State
S/ISA, Office of International Secu-
  rity Affairs, Department of State
S/P, Policy Planning Staff, Depart-
  ment of State
  SA, Saudi Arabia
  SA, Union of South Africa
  SAG, Saudi Arabian Government
  SAMF, Sindicato de Acci6n y Mejor-
  amiento   de  los  Ferrocarrileros
  (Raliwaymen's   Action  and   Im-
  provement    Union),  Guatemalan
  labor union
  SAPA, South African Press Agency
  SC, Security Council of the United
  SCC, Interdepartmental Committee
  on Scientific and Cultural Coopera-
  SD, Shipping Policy Staff, Office of
  Transport  and     Communications
  Policy, Department of State
  Sec Gen, Secretary-General
  SG, Steering Group
  SHADA, Societ' Haitiano-Americaine
  de D velopment Agricole (Haitian-
  American Society for Agricultural
  S.J. Res., Senate Joint Resolution
  SOAFR, Union of South Africa
  Sobramil, Sociedade Brasiliera  de
  MineraĆ½iio, Ltda., a Brazilian min-
  ing company
  Sominar, Sociedad Minera, S.A., an
  American-owned mining company
  in Argentina
  S.R., Senate Report
  STICA, Servicio Tecnico Interameri-
    cano de Cooperaci6fn Agricola (In-
    ter-American Technical Service for
    Agricultural Cooperation)

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