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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1950. National security affairs; foreign economic policy

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The Biographio Register.
Foreign Service List.
International Information and Education Exchange Program.
Report to the Oongress on the Lend-Lease Operations, Transmitted by the Presi-
   The names of the principal officers of the Department are also listed
 in the appropriate editions of the Congressional Directory and the
 United States Government Manual. Information about principal dip-
 lomatic agents and Presidential appointees is given in United States
 Chiefs of Mission, 1778-1973, by Richardson Dougall and Mary
 Patricia Chapman (Washington, Government Printing Office, 1973),
 with supplement, 1973-1974.
   For information on treaties and agreements, see
 Treaties and Other Internaitonal Agreements of the United States of America,
    1776-1949. By Charles I. Bevans.
 Treaties and Other International Acts Series (TIAS), published since 1946
as a
    sequel to the Department of State Treaty Series and Treaties in Force.
    For information on developments in international law, see
Digest of International Law. By Marjorie M. Whiteman.
   For detailed information on these publications as well as on numer-
ous others of a more specialized character, see Publications of the De-
partment of State, October 1, 1929 to January 1, 1953 (Washington,
D.C., 1954), and Major Publications of the Department of State: An
Annotated Bibliography (Washington, D.C., 1973).
   In addition to the extensive documentation provided in this vol-
ume and in other volumes of Foreign Relations, as well as in American
Foreign Policy, 1950-1955: Basic Documents, there is systematic cov-
erage of American participation in international conferences and or-
ganizations in the Bulletin and in the following other publications of
the Departmbent of State:
United States Participation in the United Nations. Annual reports by the
    dent to the Congress.
List of International Conferences and Meetings, With Annotations.
Participation of the United States Government in International Conferences,
    Including the Composition of U.S. Delegations and Summaries of the Pro-
International Organizations in Which the United States Participates.
  For detailed information on these publications, see the guides listed
in the preceding paragraph.

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