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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1950. National security affairs; foreign economic policy

Trask, David F.
Preface,   pp. III-IV PDF (732.0 KB)

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  The late S. Everett Gleason supervised the initial planning and
compilation of this volume. Fredrick Aandahl succeeded him as editor
in 1972 and directed the process of review, declassification, and final
editing. Ralph R. Goodwin provided assistance in planning and
  Neal H. Petersen compiled and edited the sections on regulation of
armaments, national security policy, and atomic energy. John P.
Glennon prepared the 1949 portion and David W. Mabon the 1950
portion of the documentation on defense of the Western Hemisphere.
Mr. Goodwin compiled and edited the sections on treaties of friendship,
commerce, and navigation; double taxation; the General Agreement on
Tariffs and Trade; foreign financial policy; balance of payments;
Point IV; the delimitation of the territorial sea; and the Internal Se-
curity Act of 1950. William Z. Slany prepared the section on the Ant-
arctic. The technical editing of the volume was done, by the
Publishing and Reproduction Division (Willard M. McLaughlin,
Chief), and Francis C. Prescott prepared the index.
  The editors acknowledge with appreciation the assistance provided
them by the historians of the Department of Defense, including those
of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and by the historians of thet Energy Re-
search and Development Administration. They are also grateful for
the cooperation of the National Security Council, the Department of
Defense, the Central Intelligence Agency, and the Energy Research
and Development Administration, all of which facilitated declassifi-
cation of papers for release in this volume.
                                              DAVID F. TRASK
                                                The Historian
                                          Bureau of Public Affairs
                       "FOREIGN RELATIONS"
  The principles which guide the compilation and editing of Foreign
Relations are stated in Department of State Regulation 2 FAM 1350
of June 15, 1961, a revision of the order approved on March 26, 1925,

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