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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1949. The Far East and Australasia (in two parts)

East Asian-Pacific area,   pp. 1115-1220 PDF (41.1 MB)

Page 1220

make every effort to strengthen the over-all U.S. position with respect
to the Philippines, the Ryukyus, and Japan. The United States should,
for example, proceed apace with implementation of the policy set forth
in regard-to the Ryukyus in paragraph 5 of NSC 13/3.5
  h. The United States should continue to use its influence in Asia
toward resolving the colonial-nationalist conflict in such a way as to
satisfy the fundamental demands of the nationalist movement while
at the same time minimizing the strain on the colonial powers who
are our Western allies. Particular attention should be given to the
problem of French Indo-China and action should be taken to bring
home to the French the urgency of removing the barriers to the obtain-
ing by Bao Dai or other non-Communist nationalist leaders of the
support of a substantial proportion of the Vietnamese. With the suc-
cessful conclusion of the Round Table Conference at The Hague the
United States should give immediate consideration to the problems
confronting the new Republic of United Indonesia and how best it
can be aided in maintaining its freedom in the face of internal and
external Communist pressures.
  i. Active consideration should be given to means by which all mem-
bers of the British Commonwealth may be induced -to play a more
active role in collaboration with the United States in Asia. Similar
collaboration should be obtained to the extent possible from other
non-Communist nations having interests in Asia.
  j. Recognizing that the non-Communist governments of South Asia
already constitute a bulwark against Communist expansion in Asia,
the United States should exploit every opportunity to increase the
present Western orientation of the area and to assist, within our
capabilities, its governments in their efforts to meet the minimum
aspirations of their poople and to maintain internal Security.
  k. The United States should undertake an information program,
both foreign and domestic, and publish United States policies and
programs vis-a-vis Asia designed to gain maximum support both at
home and abroad.
  1. Nothing in this paper shall be construed as amending approved
NSC papers unless a specific statement to that effect has been made on
each point.
  wt, The sum of $75,000,000 for assistance to the general area of
China, which was made available under Section 303 of the Mutual
Defense Assistance Act of 1949, should be programmed as a matter
of urgency.
  Dated May 6, p. 730.

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