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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1948. The Western Hemisphere

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                          AND ARGENTINA
 Memorndamu by Mr. Henry Dearborn of the Division of River Plate.
 CONFIDENTIAL                       [WASHIiNGTON.] January "20, 1948.
   Our Embassy in Buenos Aires has sent us its comments on our rela-
 tions with Argentina.2 In summary, they are as follows
   The Austral Bloc. It seems unlikely that Argentina will have much
 success in creating an austral bloc, particularly if we succeed in
 strengthening the inter-American system. 'The Argentine desire to
 dominate its section of Latin America is traditional; but Paraguay
 and Bolivia probably harbor more distrust than love for Argentina
 while there appears to be no immediate danger that any real domi-
 nation will be effected over Uruguay and Chile. We should not permit
 an exaggerated fear of an austral bloc to obscure our objectives in
 strengthening the inter-American system.
   Bogotd Conference. Argentina is reported to be dissatisfied with
the resolution which it understands the U.S. will propose at Bogota
looking toward the Inter-American Economic Conference. The Direc-
tor of Economic Affairs of the Argentine Foreign Office feels that the
U.S. resolution as reported in Buenos Aires is too generalized and
merely "another expression of fine intentions with little practical
ing." Argentina is more in accord with a resolution offered by Ecuador
and expects that it will be proposed at Bogota that the Economic Con-
  1Addressed to the Assistant Secretary of State for Political Affairs (Armour),
the Director and the Deputy Director of the Office of American Republic Affairs
(Daniels and Woodward, respectively), and the Chief of the Division of River
Plate Affairs (Tewksbury).
  'Despatch No. 2 of January 5, 1948, from the Charge in Argentina (Ray),,
printed. In airgram A-5, dated January 2 but sent on January 9, Ambassad-or
James Bruce informed the Department of State that he had read Mr. Ray's
despatch (written without consultation with him) and agreed with every word
of it (711.35/1-248).
  For documentation on the Ninth International Conference of American.States,
held at Bogota', Colombia, March 30-May 2,1948, see pp. 1 ff.

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