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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1948. The Western Hemisphere

Multilateral relations,   pp. 1-278 PDF (102.6 MB)

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  My Government will appreciate it very much if Your Excellency
  will be so good as to inform it, as soon as possible, of the number and
names of the persons who will form the United States Delegation.
   I avail [etc.]                               DOmINGo ESGUmRA
The Acting Secretary of State to Diplomatic Representatives in the
                       American Republics
CONFIDENTIAL                      WASHINGTON, November 28, 1947.
  'SIRS: As the date for the Ninth International Conference of Ameri-
can States at Bogota approaches, the Department wishes to provide
you with general information and instructions concerning the Con-
ference in order to facilitate any discussions on the subject which you
may have occasion to undertake with the Foreign Office of the govern-
ment to which you are accredited.
  There are enclosed for your information a restricted memorandum
on the Conference, referring particularly to preparatory work that is
being done in Washington, and a copy of the Program and Regula-
tions of the Conference prepared by the Governing Board of the Pan
American Union.' The contents of the memorandum may in your dis-
cretion be used orally in any conversations you may have with the
Foreign lOffice. Additional documents of interest will-be forwarded to
you in the near future.
  The Department favors your exchanging views on appropriate occa-
sions with the Foreign Office regarding the Bogota Conference, and
wishes you, in your discretion, to take advantage of any opportunity
that 'may be offered to that end. Such conversations should prove ,use-
ful particularly as a means of obtaining information concerning the
main interests of the Foreign      Office, 'any initiatives or pro-
posals the Foreign Office has in mind, the composition of the delega-
tion and other similar subjects that will facilitate the Department's
own preparations. The following considerations should, however, be
borne in mind.:
  1. The Department considers it important to protect the genuinely
  multilateral character of inter-American conferences. To this end, the
Department would not wish to enter into consultations in regard to
the Conference with any one country to the exclusion of others. More-
over, of even greater importance, is the Department's desire to avoid,
in so far as possible having to make any bilateral commitments with
  Memorandum not printed. For the full agenda of the Conference, prepared
  and unanimously approved by the Governing Board -on July 23, 1947, see
  Report, p. 291. For the regulations of the Conference, revised by the Board
  (&tober 20,1947, see ibid., p. 292.

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