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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1948. Germany and Austria

VIII. The efforts of the United States to assure the maintenance of the independence and integrity of Austria,   pp. 1352-1446 PDF (37.7 MB)

Page 1353

   USPolAd's reply to Rome's 82 December 10 (repeated Department
 398, Vienna 63)2 was postponed pending receipt Austrian note and dis-
 cussion with MG officials here.
   Opinion was expressed in discussion with MG       authorities that
 Austrian Government should not concern itself with repatriation of
 South Tyrolean optants in Germany. OM1GUS position is any such
 optants here desiring repatriation should individually and of own vo-
 lition approach Italian representatives in Germany for permission to
 return to South Tyrol and should then apply to Combined Travel
 Board for exit permits from Germany.
   Department's views requested.
   Reference sentence three paragraph 2 Rome's telegram 74,3 Frank-
 f urt office merely informed Italian representative there he was not
 advised regarding US view this point but would transmit Italian memo
 to USPolAd.
   Sent Department 122, repeated Rome 4, Vienna 6.
  2 Not printed.
  3 The paragraph under reference reported that Murphy shared the Italian
  view that Austria should not concern itself with the registration of the
  Tyrolean optants (865.4016/1-748).
  865.4016/1-1648: Telegram
  The Secretary of State to the United States Political Adviser
                      for Germany (Murphy)
SECRET                      WASHINGTON, February 5, 1948--6 p. m.
   211. Reurtel 122 Jan 16 1 and Rome's 74 Jan 7 rptd Berlin 1 and
Vienna 3,2 Dept position concerning repatriation South Tyrol optants
from US zone Germany indicated Deptel 917 Nov 7 Vienna rptd Berlin
as 2252.3
   Language Sept 5 Agreement may be construed to extend to optants
transferred under Hitler-Mussolini Agreement 1939 5 to all parts Ger-
man Reich, including present German areas and Austria. Annex 4
Italian Treaty provides for revision optants question raised by 1939
  2 Not printed.
  3Foreign Relations, 1947, vol. ii, p. 1223.
  'The September 5, 1946, Agreement, which: was incorporated in the Italian
Treaty of Peace as Annex IV, provided for conversations between Austria and
Italy to settle outstanding questions affecting the- South Tyrol. For the
text of
this agreement see Department of State Treaties and Other International Acts
Series (TIAS) No. 1648. or 61 Stat. 1245.
  S5Theagreement under reference provided for the emigration of German-
speaking South Tyroleans to Germany. For a summary of the agreement see
Documents on German Foreign Policy, 1918-1945, Series D, vol. vi, Document
p. 778.

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