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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1947. The American republics

Bolivia,   pp. 326-390 PDF (23.6 MB)

Page 386

824.24/6-3047: Telegram
     The Ambassador in Bolivia (Flack) to the Secretary of State
CONFIDENTIAL     US URGENT            LA PAZ, June 30, 1947-7 p. m.
   623. Just received Foreign Office nolte 530 today's date92 stating
regarding Bolivian lend-lease amounting to $925,000, Bolivian Gov-
ernment accepts renegotiation on general understanding that equiva-
lent of approximately $600,000 US currency will be used in Bolivian
equivalent. In my memo No. 256 of March 31 92 headed [handed?] to
Foreign Minister,93 no mention was made of amount to be used in
bolivianos but I said orally at the time that it would probably eventu-
ally be equivalent to about $600,000.
  In renegotiation conversations which Will take place in Washington,
we need the following immediately:$40,000 requested by owner
Ernst 94 in US currency, :the equivalent of $45,000 at the approximate
rate of 60 or 2,700,000 bolivianos to complete payment on residence,
option for which expires July 31.
  Other eventual dollar needs if Cusicanqui95 and adjacent lots on
Avenida Arce not pressing at present are purchased are:
     (a) Cusicanqui property $60,000;
     (b) Adjoining lots (Banks Urioste, etc.) $40,000;
     (c) Lot and house owned by Keenan $20,000.
Total dollar needs this heading $120,000.
  Other estimated eventual Boliviano needs: Construction on Cusi-
canqui and adjacent property (figures in million bolivianos):
     (a) Residence 6
     (b) Chancery 6
     (c) Additional secretary's residence 1
     (d) Staff house for women 2.5
     (e) Acquisition of land and construction Consulate Cocha-
           bamba 2
Total these needs 17,500,000 bolivianos
  Total equivalent this amount at official rate is approximately
  This with amounts above rescinded would roughly total slightly
over $600,000.
  If lend-lease renegotiations are not promptly concluded enabling
taking up option on residence, I recommend most strongly that Em-
bassy be authorized to pay purchase price of $85,000 in full by draft
  92 Not printed.
  93Luis Fernando Guachalla.
  Hugo Ernst Rivera, owner of the property housing the American Embassy.
  9 Property of Hector Cusicanqui, possible site for American Embassy.

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