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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1947. The Far East: China

Unsuccessful attempts to resolve political problems in Sinkiang; extent of Soviet aid and encouragement to rebel groups in Sinkiang; border incident at Peitashan,   pp. 546-587 PDF (14.5 MB)

Page 586

for the reluctance of the dissidents to proceed with any of the con-
cessions promised is that the Kremlin's agents refuse consent lest
peace and popular satisfaction should disturb Soviet propaganda
against the Chinese Government. It is difficult to see what the Chi-
nese Government could do that it has not already attempted in order
to alleviate the conditions of the people. Even granted that there
may be full basis in fact for all charges of corruption and oppression
by Chinese military and civilian officials which have been brought
to the attention of the Consulate, as well as the common cultural
intolerance of the Chinese for any way of life other than that of the
Hans and their still rumored plans to Sinicize all the Muslims of
Sinkiang, the Chinese Government has obviously made a far greater
attempt to live up to its obligation under even the political terms of
the Ili agreement than have the dissidents. The three zones appear
to have fulfilled almost none of their commitments, either military
(which they have flouted) or political (which they have ignored inso-
far as any occasion for action on their side arose).
  The Administrative Program is being analyzed in a separate des-
  Respectfully yours,                             J. HALL PAXTON
893.00/12-1747: Telegram
      The Consul at Tihwa (Paxton) to the Secretary of State
                                TIHIVA, December 17, 194T-9 p. m.
                              [Received December 19-12: 14 a. m.]
  83. Foreign Office representative Liu says that another letter from
General Chang in reply to Ili group is being translated into Turki
and will shortly be given to Soviet CG for delivery.
  Remytel to Nanking 439, repeated Department 70, November 16.
Liu characterizes answer as firm since it refuses recall of Chairman
MAasud on the score that approaching elections will indicate popular
choice and requires return of Ili leaders before negotiations will be
resumed. Liu states that other choices: Use of force or full acquies-
cence to Ili demands were rejected by Nanking authorities so this
alone remained. However he does not expect Ili leaders to appear
here for conference for several months at least and hopes time will be
used to improve conditions in remaining 7 zones under Chinese control.
  It is doubtful whether provincial administrators generally will have
the foresight to use such a fortunate respite for other purposes than
their personal profit. The waste of this opportunity may shorten the
  58 No. 54, December 12, not printed.

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