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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1947. The Far East: China

Unsuccessful attempts to resolve political problems in Sinkiang; extent of Soviet aid and encouragement to rebel groups in Sinkiang; border incident at Peitashan,   pp. 546-587 PDF (14.5 MB)

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These last he holds are racing against time on a basis of justice and
permanence. The first two, from opposing motives but to the same
effect, are blocking each forward step and the sands are running out.
End. Paxton"
893.00/5-2047: Telegram
    The Amba8sador in China (Stuart) to the Secretary of State
                                   NANKING, May 20, 1947-8 a. m.
                                          [Received-12: 20 p. m.
  1093. Following is Tihwa's 196, May 14,8 a. m.:
  "General Sung told me last night that announcement is to be made
within a week of appointment Masud Sabri 21 as new Chairman of the
Sinkiang Provincial Government. General Chang is expected, how-
ever, to remain as Chief of the National Government Northwest
Headquarters and will presumably continue to exert influence on fur-
ther steps in carrying out policies of his own initiation. Paxton"
893.04/5-2747: Airgram
  The Amnbassador in China (Stuart) to the Secretary of State
                                          NANKING, May 27, 1947.
                                    [Received June 4-9: 41 a. m.]
  A-109. Following is Tihwa's 215, May 22,10 p. m.:
  "First section of 4. a) Sung claims belief that USSR is giving
rather than selling arms to rebel forces in northwest Sinkiang (Mytel
193, May 12 22) as he says is being done for Manchurian Communists.
Gift of military supplies to followers of Marxist line in Manchuria
would seem, however, a better investment than like donation to natives
in this area with whom Communist theory is not popular. Such
presents unless their use were fully controlled would only muddy
Sinkiang political waters and returns on cost would be problematical
as there appears to be little natural wealth in Province except in
northwestern portion, which is even now not under Chinese control.
 21Turki leader. In telegram No. 1178, May 29, the Ambassador in China re-
 peated the report from Tihwa that Masud Sabri formally took over the chair-
 manship on May 28 (893.00/5-2947).
 22 Not printed.

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