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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1947. The Near East and Africa

Iran,   pp. 890-998 PDF (41.6 MB)

Page 995

tember 8 1). Embassy official was handed copy this telegram of which
full text is being airgramed but which should now be available from
British Embassy Tehran, Washington.
   2. In substance FonOff describes Qavam's statement [not?] "very
satisfactory" because they are disparaging to AIOC -and liable create
impression contrary to facts that substantial modifications in conces-
sion are being sought thus stirring up anti-British feeling quite need-
lessly and in light statements Qavam or some other Prime Minister
may well in due course argue that because expectations public opinion
he must insist important modifications concession.
   3. Re Bahrein telegram states Iranian Government knows very well
 HMG does not and will not recognize Iranian claim. "In seeking at
 this moment to raise this dormant question Qavam's purpose appears;
 to be to uppease USSR by attacking HMG".
   4. Telegram continues that HMG does not expect or desire fulsome
 speeches in praise UK but feels entitled to ask Iranian Government
 "after all I have done to support Persia's independence" not stir
 anti-British feeling and to refrain from further public statements.
   5. In paragraph which according Pyman, was added last moment
following Qavam's resignation 2 Le Rougetel is told to take early
opportunity to inform his successor and to express hope successor will
not follow Qavam's example.
  6. Telegram contains following paragraph:-"I am asking American
Embassy London to suggest to State Department that US Ambassador
Tehran-might speak Qavam about general undesirability of arousing
feelings against HMG and in particular to press Iran Government not
to raise their claim Bahrein".
  7. Pyman said purpose underlying FonOff telegram was to, dissuade
so far as possible Iranian Government from short sighted "bogus
balance" policy (Embs 6346, December 5, paragraph 2 3). While tele-
gram necessarily deals with interests primarily British there is general
question involved which on some future occasion might plague US,
interests. Consequently Pyman inquired whether USG might be willing
instruct Ambassador Allen on some suitable occasion to bring home, to
Iranian Government in general terms that it does neither Iranian
Government nor anyone else any good if Iranian Government takes
[mmakes?] anti-British speeches and if in pursuit of equilibrium policy
Iranian Government seeks out grievances to raise with HMG or any
other government. Pyman said HMG would be "particularly gratefu.l"
  1Not printed.
  2 On December 10.
  Not printed; it stated that "bogus balance" meant "that
as soon as Iran, gives
USSR a kick it must deliver comparable kick to some other power--usually
HMG." (891.00/12-547)

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