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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1947. The British Commonwealth; Europe

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final conferring in this phase of CEEC work will permit improvement
of report by acceptance in greater measure of major principles involved
in "essentials" already given participating governments. If some
days' delay in submission of report for this purpose necessary, Dept
endorses delay (see paras 3 and 4, Depcirtel Sept 7, 2 a. m.). Most use-
ful course of action by CEEC would, to our mind, be as follows:
  a. CEEC composed of Ministers or other top reps meets Sept 15 and
revises, so far as is possible or necessary, general report to accept the
  b. Phraseology of report is changed to make it clear that report is
preliminary, intended as basis for further discussion, and will be sub-
ject to further amendment, particularly regarding the technical comn-
mittee reports.
  c. If possible, although admitted unlikely, technical reports might
be further improved along lines of principles accepted in revised gen-
eral report.
  d. The revised report is published (we suppose about 21 Sept, but
earlier if possible) and submitted to participating governments and to
US simultaneously.
  e. Main CEEC then adjourns but leaves technical working groups,
with US technical reps offering friendly aid, in session to take such
further action as possible to apply to technical reports the principles
agreed in revised general report. This involves screening. In this con-
nection, we hope to have US governmental screening of initial report
under way at same time and can soon furnish constructive guidance
to US technical reps giving friendly aid. Possible also that we can be
using Harriman Committee to check European requirements against
US availabilities and make more realistic the guidance offered US reps
in Paris. Main CEEC will reconvene at some later date, say Oct 10, to
approve and forward final report.
  The reaction to Depicirtel Sept 7, 1 a.m., from other governments has
in general been very satisfactory and indications are that most reps
at CEEC will support US suggestions. Therefore, we are hopeful
that if higher level representatives of participating governments meet
in Paris on 15 Sept there will be considerable support to the concept
expressed above. As for Bevin's remark reference impairing national
sovereignties by urging continuing action, replies from other Missions
do not seem to have substantiated Bevin's fears.
  As for Bevin's remarks that Soviets have threatened some countries
with withholding coal, would appreciate any specific information
British have in this regard. Department has no knowledge of any
specific threats of this nature.
  Magowan, British Embassy, queried Dept yesterday at FonOff di-
rection, as to intent behind IJS activity both as to cirtels and Bizonia
offer. He was given full background as to our fears of receiving a final
report at this time and, re Bizonia, our belief that by offering Bizonia
for limited screening we would induce other nations to submit also. He

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