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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1947. The British Commonwealth; Europe

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                       THE MARSHALL PLAN                      411
of year, there is no doubt questions at my press conference next Wed-
nesday will continue to center on this point. In the circumstances I
feel I should make some type of statement.
  There follows text of statement to be made if it meets with your
  "We have been following carefully the reports of the economic
situation of the various European countries.
  "We see the requirements of these countries as falling into two
phases of one program: first, some form of interim assistance to meet
the immediate threat of intolerable hunger and cold; and second, the
general program for rehabilitation of the respective economies.
  "The nature of the long-term problem of European reconstruction
and our attitude toward it remain basically unchanged. But the short-
term problem has become more immediate. Bad droughts, following an
unusually severe winter, increasing crop shortages and restrictive
financial measures which certain European governments have already
been obliged to take, have had serious repercussions and have accel-
erated the need of some European countries for assistance in reducing
hunger and cold this winter.
  "In these circumstances this phase of the requirements will clearly
have to be given our urgent consideration and cannot await the
completion of the broader study which the over-all program demands.
  "We expect that, by the latter part of October, we will have avail-
able working papers on the basis of which the appropriate Con-
gressional committees could undertake consideration of means to
supplement European supplies of food and fuel for the coming winter
where it can be shown that every effort has been made locally to meet
the critical needs. The majority of the Congressional committees visit-
ing Europe will have returned by that time. We hope that shortly there-
after the complete data for the European Recovery Program can be
screened and made available in order that the problem may be faced in
its entirety and that any action taken to meet immediate needs may be
correlated into the general program.
  "The question of how the necessary Congressional authority is to be
obtained must await developments of the next few      weeks." 2
  2 The text of this statement by the Secretary of State was released to
the press
on September 10.
840.50 Recovery/9-647: Telegram
The Ambassador in France (Caffery) to the Embassy in the United
SECREr                           PARIS, September 6, 1947-1 p. m.
  [711.1 1 For Douglas from Caffery. As indicated last paragraph my
3451, August 26 to the Department, repeated to London as 675, I be-
' The text printed here is from telegram 3617 to the Department of State,
repetition of telegram 711 to London.

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