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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1947. The British Commonwealth; Europe

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reason I am more and more inclined to the feeling that there is no
satisfactory solution for England's long-term problems, from the
United States standpoint, than some closer form of association between
England, Canada, and our own country: something which would
involve a sharing of certain of the powers of sovereignty among the
three countries. There is no necessity that a move in this direction
should take the form of any sudden or abrupt act. It can well be
planned as a gradual process, to be completed through a five or ten
year program. But whatever it is, it should be threshed out and deter-
mined in this immediate period that lies before us, as part of the long-
term problem of European recovery. And this, again, requires time
for study, time for the preparation of public opinion, and time for
careful and highly complicated negotiation.
                           VI. SUMMARY
  In short, the long-term problem before us seems to me to be a deeper,
more far-reaching, and more complex one than any of us have realized.
We cannot deal successfully with a program of this nature on the spur
of the moment or under the abnormal pressure which would be caused
by a further deterioration of conditions in Europe.
  For this reason, we must undertake at once an interim aid program
with which to buy time. If we do this, then both problems-the short-
term one and the long-term one-may still be solved. If we do not do it,
we shall solve neither the one nor the other.
840.50t Recovery/9--547: Telegram
    The Ambassador in France (Caffery) to the Secretary of State
TOP SECRET                       PARIS, September 5, 1947-8 p. m.
  3610. For Lovett, Thorp, Ness and Nitze from Department Eco-
nomic Advisers. 1. Present information re conclusion of Conference of
European Economic Cooperation work in Paris indicates that techni-
cal committee reports will be considered by Executive Committee and
approved early next week and general report by end next week. CEEC
will probably be convened about September 15 for final action on
reports. Some CEEC delegates may not have necessary authorization
to approve reports on behalf their governments and transmit to Secre-
tary Marshall. Accordingly, it might be expected that reports will
be transmitted to participating governments for consideration and

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