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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1947. The British Commonwealth; Europe

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that it was substantially correct that the basic approach to the Con-
ference report had not been based on the establishment of standards or
on the critical analysis olf individual country programs. This wars
  (a) The terms of reference for the Conference made it clear that
there would be no diminution of sovereignty and
  (b) Lack of time prevented investigation of end use of required
  Nevertheless there had been scrutiny of the country reports and in
two cases, pit-props and agricultural machinery, adjustments had
been made. There were also one or two examples where country re-
ports had undergone scrutiny because their stated requirements were
out of line with their prewar consumption.
  In closing we referred to the conversations which Ambassador Caf-
fery had had during the week with individual members of the Com-
mittee regarding the necessity of coming up with a workable program
even though it meant a major extension of the time period originally
projected for the conference work. Sir Oliver replied that they had
taken due note of this suggestion and had given up any idea of com-
pleting the report by September 1.
  It is our understanding that Kennan will take up with you two
matters of major importance:
  (a) Our possible discussion directly at a high level of the objec-
tives and conditions outlined above with the governments of certain
countries and
  (b) The question of full participation in the program by western
  I am leaving today for a few days stay at St. Moritz, Palace Hotel,
returning to Paris on September 6 or 7 where I shall stay until depart-
ing for London the evening of September 10.
  Sent Department, repeated Geneva 162, London 690, Rome 223.
840.50 Recovery/8-3147: Telegram
The Acting Secretary of State to the Secretary of State at Petropolis,
SECRET                     WASHINGTON, August 31, 1947-10 a. m.
  137. For Carter from Humelsine. Eyes Only for Secretary Marshall
from Lovett. Message from Kennan and Bonesteel indicates after con-

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