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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1947. The British Commonwealth; Europe

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206          FOREIGN RELATIONS, 1 9 4 7, VOLUME III
the matter of promotion of U.S. national interests by extending assist-
ance under a system of priorities where it will do the most good
from the standpoint of promoting U.S. security and other national
  b. Needs for such assistance will considerably exceed currently esti-
mated availabilities. In order that aid as extended may be of maximum
usefulness, it is necessary that the provision of U.S. aid to foreign
countries should be carried out in accordance with a well-considered
comprehensive world-wide program, developed in the maximum
reasonable amount of detail.
  c. The nations of the world which the United States may find it
necessary and desirable to aid in the next few months are, in presently
estimated order of the urgency of their need in the light of U.S.
     (1) Greece
     (2) Turkey
     (3) Iran-Italy
     (4) Korea
     (5) France (for political and not economic reasons)
     (6) Austria (assuming conclusion of the treaty)
     (7) Hungary
   d. In these countries, concentrated U.S. programs of aid may be re-
 quired. As appropriate (see Appendix "A"), these should include
 financial aid, economic aid, military aid, political support, and vigorous
 programs of information.
   e. In the near future, China will need an undetermined amount of
 post UNRRA aid, credits for purchase of ships from the Maritime
 Commission, and a carefully conceived information program. As to
 additional aid, there is a divergence of view between the State ]Depart-
 ment on the one hand and the War and Navy Departments on the olther,
 which is indicated in Appendix "A", Annex "E", Attachment
 supplementary report with appropriate corrigendums to this paper
 will be submitted as a matter of priority when the conclusions of the
 JCS on the problem are made available to SWNCC for integration
 with the other factors involved.
   f. In the following countries no urgent requirement for extension
 of U.S. aid or support over and above that now contemplated exists,
 although substantial requirements may develop at a later date:
      (1) Great Britain                   (5) Portugal
      (2) Belgium and Luxembourg       (6) Czechoslovakia
      (3) Netherlands-NEI                  (7) Poland
      (4) The Philippines
   q. The situation of other countries is not so urgent as to warrant
 examination in this report.
   h. In addition to the provision of military equipment and supplies
 to countries where urgent need exists, a well considered program of
 military collaboration, including one or more of (a) the provision of
 U.S. military equipment supplies, (b) the maintenance of military mis-
 sions, and (c) the training of key foreign military personnel, should
 be continued or initiated for selected countries indicated at the end

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