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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1947. The British Commonwealth; Europe

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  B. The fourth [fifth] paragraph of the memorandum attached to
Mr. Webb's letter, requests the Department's judgment as to the legis-
lative priority to be assigned to each item in the overall pattern.
The Department has, of course, indicated that urgent action is re-
quired on the Greek-Turkish Aid Bill. Almost equally pressing for
economic and political reasons is the post-UNRRA Bill. Other legisla-
tion now pending has less priority but action is needed before the
beginning of fiscal 1948.
SWNCC Files: Series 360
Report of the Special "Ad Hoc" Committee of the State-War-Navy
                     Coordinating Committee
TOP SECRET                          [WASIRNGTON,] April 21, 1947.
References: a. SWN-5231, March 20, 1947
             b. SWN-5255, March 21, 1947
             c. SWNCGC 358/d, March 31, 1947 1
  1. Attached hereto is the report of the Special Ad Hoc Committee
of SWNCC in response to the reference memoranda, on policies,
procedures and costs of assistance by the U.S. to foreign countries.
  2. The Special Ad Hoc Committee states that this interim report,
which is highly tentative in nature, has been prepared from informa-
tion presently at hand and a hasty analysis of such information. It is
intended to provide, in a single document, a survey of the present
world-wide situation, and to indicate countries to which the U.S., for
its own security and national interests may find it desirable to extend
aid in the next few months. The preparation of a fuller report, con-
taining more thorough analysis and refinements lacking in this interim
report, has been initiated, with completion date estimated as mid-July,
  3. This paper contains, in the first ten pages, (1) the conclusions
reached by the committee, (2) a brief of assistance measures which
may prove desirable, and (3) a statement of principles and policies
pertaining to aid to foreign countries. The State-War-Navy Coordi-
nating Committee is asked to approve in principle the contents of these
ten pages as a basis for planning. The remainder of the paper consists
of briefs based on the reports which were prepared by working sub-
  'Enclosures "A" and "B" to SWN 5231 are printed on
pages 197 and 198; the
other reference memoranda are not printed.

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