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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States. Conferences at Malta and Yalta, 1945

III. The Yalta Conference,   pp. [547]-996 PDF (155.3 MB)

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  MARSHAL STALIN agreed with the Prime Minister but stated that
they had to take into account what had occurred; that when the
Anglo-American armies were on the offensive in the West the Soviet
armies were not ready and conversely. He felt that it would be
most useful for the staffs to discuss the question of a summer offen-
sive against Germany because he was not so sure that the war would
be over before summer.
  MR. CHURCHILL replied that he thoroughly shared the view of
the Marshal and that we should take full advantage of this gathering.
  ADMIRAL CUNNINGHAM then gave a short review of the situation
in regard to German submarines. He said that the threat was more
potential than actual at the present time. The Germans had kept
technically ahead of the Allies although the present sinkings around
the British Isles were not serious. We knew, however, that based
on a prefabricated method of construction the Germans were building
large submarines of a new type fitted out with the latest devices and
with high underwater speed. He said that these submarines were
being built primarily at Kiel, Hamburg and Danzig and that since
the Marshal had asked for our desires he would give a naval desire,
namely, that the Red Army should as soon as possible take Danzig
where 30% of the German submarine construction was being carried out.
  THE PRESIDENT asked if Danzig was within range of Soviet artil-
lery fire.
  MARSHAL STALIN replied in the negative but expressed the hope
that it soon would be.
  It was then agreed that the Military Staffs would meet tomorrow
at 12:00 noon at the Soviet villa at Koreis and that tomorrow, Feb-
ruary 5, there would be a meeting at the Livadia Palace at 4:00 p. m.
between the President, Marshal Stalin, and the Prime Minister and
the three Foreign Ministers on the political treatment of Germany.
J. C. S. File
                 Combined Chiefs of Staff Minutes
  MARSHAL STALIN asked the President to open the meeting.
  THE PRESIDENT said that he was very happy to open such a historic
meeting in such a lovely spot. In view of the conveniences and com-
forts that had been provided the visiting delegations, he wished to
thank Marshal Stalin for all that he had found time to do in this
regard in the midst of the prosecution of the war. He said that the
United States, British and Russian delegations would understand each
other better and better as we go along. We could therefore proceed
informally to discuss frankly and freely among ourselves the matters
necessary to the successful prosecution of the common cause in which

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