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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States diplomatic papers, 1944. The British Commonwealth and Europe

Bulgaria,   pp. 300-514 PDF (76.6 MB)

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ports. It should also be recalled that for over 2 years the Bulgarian
Government has forbidden Soviet representatives in Sofia any access
to Bulgarian ports on the Black Sea or on the Danube.
  If the Bulgarian Government is anxious to establish the facts and
to verify the actual situation on the spot, this should not be done by
representatives of the Bulgarian Government alone but also by Soviet
representatives. For this purpose the Soviet Government considers
it necessary to reestablish a Soviet Consulate at Varna and also to
establish consulates in Burgas and Ruschki since, according to, infor-
mation of the Soviet Government, the Bulgarian Black Sea and
Danube ports are bases for the German Armed Forces operating
against the Soviet Union. The presence of Soviet Consulates in
these ports would enable representatives., together with Bulgarian
representatives, to verify the facts on the spot and, if it should be
required, to do so in the future.
740.00119 European War 1939/2612: Telegram
The Vice Consul at Istanbul (Squire8) to the Secretary of State
                                   ISTANBUL, May 16, 1944-noon.
                                            [Received 7:56 p. m.]
  289R64. Reference No. 277R60 of May 6, noon.74 Bulgarian Min-
ister to Turkey, Balabanov, returned from Sofia May 14. He reports
Bulgarian Government fully realizes necessity of making immediate
contact with Allies for purpose of getting out of war at earliest
possible moment. He believes his Government can do nothing in that
direction at present because of German watchfulness.
  Balabanov states Germany is now bringing in greatest pressure
on Government to force participation of Bulgarian Army in war
under German High Command.
  He insists that in no case will Bulgarian Army fight Russia. He
reports there is fear in Sofia causing great anxiety that Russians will
break relations with Bulgaria.
  Balabanov also reports that despite bombings, sentiment is not
altogether unfavorable to the United States. Each bombing raid,
however, increases hostility.
  Attitude of Balabanov indicates he is convinced Bulgarian Govern-
ment is so completely under control of Germans as to make unsuccess-
ful any attempt to get out of war until Germans are further softened
by military defeats.
  Repeated to Algiers for Murphy as my No. 15, also to Cairo for
 7 Not printed.

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