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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States diplomatic papers, 1944. The British Commonwealth and Europe

Bulgaria,   pp. 300-514 PDF (76.6 MB)

Page 326

  Balabanov belongs to moderate group political leaders who realize
folly of pro-German policy of Government and who desire to save
country from complete political collapse as well as becoming a Com-
munist state. They believe only hope of maintaining present state
and form of government is to break away from Germany at right
moment, come to terms with Allies and consolidate the Government
before Communists and other extreme elements can seize power and
establish their own regime. This is thought to be only way to avert
complete national catastrophe. Little hope now entertained any such
plan would succeed as difficulties seem insurmountable.
  Hope, formerly strong in some circles that Bulgaria might save
herself by eventual alignment with Soviets, is waning as result of
apparent close collaboration between Soviets and Anglo-Americans.
Fear of internal Communist uprising supported from Moscow has
not diminished. The root problem of the moderate elements is to
save third Bulgarian kingdom from dissolution and upper classes
from ruin. Such is believed [apparent omission] of Balabanov
thought as he returns to Sofia to report.
  Repeated Algiers as my No. 11, also MacVeagh, Cairo.
740.00119 European War 1939/2575: Telegram
  The Vice Coaul at letanbul (Squire8) to the Secretary of State
                                    ISTANBUL, May 6, 1944 -noon.
                                            [Received 3:10 p. in.]
  277R60. Reference my No. 274R59 of May 3, 6 p. m. It is reported
on good authority that the Bulgarian Minister to Turkey, Balabanov,
will remain in Sofia for the present. Two reasons for this are ad-
vanced by persons familiar with the situation in Bulgaria:
  First, to remove German suspicion that Balabanov may be forming
connections with Allies looking toward peace terms.
  Second, to keep Balabanov in Sofia in case it should be desirable
for the Government to use him either in a new Cabinet of more
liberal tone or for quick negotiations with Anglo-Americans if op-
portunity should occur.
  Repeated to Amrep Algiers for Murphy69 as my No. 12; also to
MacVeagh, Cairo.
 9"R obert D. Murphy, U.S. Political Adviser on the Staff of the Supreme
 Commander, Mediterranean Theater.

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