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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States diplomatic papers, 1944. The British Commonwealth and Europe

Bulgaria,   pp. 300-514 PDF (76.6 MB)

Page 318

but primarily Bulgarian patriot who wants save his country from
  In meeting at his request today he made following statements about
results bombing Bulgarian cities: "Bombing works advantage Ger-
many and Soviets and against Anglo-American interests for (1)
compelling evacuation city populations, the pro-ally elements who are
strong only in the cities are scattered, thus making impossible effec-
tive opposition to pro-German element in the Government. [Garbled
group] to Anglo-Americans has been altogether disorganized and
rendered powerless; (2) nearly all Bulgarians have regretted and op-
posed war with America, believing that America was basically
friendly to Bulgaria and would work for a reasonable peace. Ger-
many is taking advantage bombing to say Germany is Bulgaria's one
friend and hope, and that it is better for Bulgaria to risk all fighting
to the end with Germany; (3) public opinion has moved more and
more to Soviets. The majority have come to believe that Bulgaria's
place is with Soviets. Former pro-ally leaders like Burov 51 have
turned to Soviets. Burov confers frequently with Soviet Minister;
(4) if bombing continues it will further weaken Bulgarian adminis-
tration, then opening way for German occupation on the ground that
Bulgarian Government cannot control country and maintain Axis
interests. Bulgaria is not in position to oppose occupation
  Informant believes Germans unlikely occupy Bulgaria now, Bul-
garian Army will not join in fighting Soviets, he said moderate ele-
ments including Filov and Prince Cyril hope Bulgarians can main-
tain present position of military inactivity. If bombings continue
this position cannot be maintained.
  Russia is taking advantage of situation to draw Bulgaria into Soviet
orbit. Soviet Minister in Sofia has recently been very active seeing
Bulgarian opposition leaders and extending Soviet influence. Bul-
garians are told that Moscow is building up a powerful Slavic bloc
which will be the dominant world force; Bulgarians are urged to join
this bloc. The Minister is now en route to Moscow to report Bul-
garian and Balkan situation. Bulgarians expect decided Soviet move
regarding Bulgaria following his arrival in Moscow.
  Hence informant earnestly begs that bombings of Bulgarian cities,
that is non-military objectives, be stopped because its continuation is
driving Bulgaria directly into subjection both to Germans and to
Soviets, both of which all moderate men in Bulgaria desire to avoid.
Bulgaria cannot get out of the war while Germans dominate the
  6' Atanas Burov, former Bulgarian Minister for Foreign Affairs and leader
the People's Party.

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