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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States diplomatic papers, 1944. The British Commonwealth and Europe

Bulgaria,   pp. 300-514 PDF (76.6 MB)

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tion on territorial questions reaffirming the Government's position,
namely, that Bulgaria regards the territorial problem as justly and
finally settled. He said that the efforts of the Government are directed
toward maintaining the frontiers as now established and toward
strengthening the internal front by just reform measures on one hand
and by strict police control on the other.
  The tenor of all speeches of recent date indicate and people recently
arrived from Bulgaria state that decided action by the Government
in the direction of peace cannot be expected until military events of
more decisive importance occur directly affecting Bulgaria,. Pending
such events, however, responsible people in Bulgaria are inclined
to support the Government policy through fear (1) of a repetition
on Bulgarian soil of the Italian experience and (2) of the development
of an internal state of affairs through the growth of partisan bands
and Communist agitation similar to that that now exists in Yugoslavia.
740.00119 EAC/118: Telegram
The Ambaosador in the United Kingdom  (Winant) to the Secretary
                             of State
                                   LONDON, March 13, 1944-7 p. m.
                                                [Received 8 p. m.]
  2023. Comea 41. I understand that the British Ambassador to
Moscow was informed last night by Molotov 39a that the Soviet Gov-
ernment does not wish the question of terms of surrender for Bulgaria
to be treated in the European Advisory Commission. Please see in
this connection my Coomea 36 and 37.40
  I hope that the Department will let me have any information it may
receive or any views it may hold in this connection.
740.00119 European War/2280b
The Secretary of State to Admiral William D. Leahy, Chief of Staff
         to the Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy
                                     WASHINGTON, March 13, 1944.
  MY DEAR ADMIRAL LEAHY: At Wednesday's meeting of the Depart-
ment's Policy Committee it was decided that the direct interest of
Greece in the surrender of Bulgaria would suggest that the Greek
Government be given an opportunity to participate in eventual peace
talks with the Bulgarians.
39a Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Molotov, People's Commissar for Foreign Affairs
of the Soviet Union.
'0 Latter not printed.

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