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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States diplomatic papers, 1943. The Near East and Africa

Greece,   pp. 124-177 PDF (19.3 MB)

Page 177

  2. For the Greek War Relief Association to relieve the Greek Gov-
ernment of its burden of expense in connection with the care of Greek
refugees in the Near East and Africa.
  It is intended that the latter project, which has been warmly wel-
comed by the Greek Government, should be carried out within the
framework of the Middle East Refugee Relief Administration, with
appropriate changes in this organization to permit participation of
personnel of the Greek War Relief Association in the direction and
operation of the Administration's activities insofar as they relate to
Greek refugees.
  There is transmitted in a following telegram,94 for delivery to the
Middle East Refugee Relief Administration, a message prepared by
the Greek War Relief Association, in consultation with the American
Red Cross, formulating certain preliminary inquiries and proposals.
  Please discuss this matter with the appropriate British and Greek
authorities and assist in every proper way in working out arrange-
ments which will be satisfactory to all interested parties.
868.48/3824: Telegram
      The Minister in Egypt (Kirk) to the Secretary of State
                                      CAIRO, May 17, 1943-1 p. m.
                                             [Received 3: 18 p. m.)
  901. Department's 632, May 7, 10 p.m. and my 898, May 15,6 p.m."-
Greek Prime Minister in acknowledging communication advising him
of decisions taken with the President's approval regarding financial
assistance for the Greek Government, which he describes as "a new
token of the sympathy and generous interest which President Roose-
velt personally and the American Governnment and people demonstrate
toward Greece" requests me to convey to the Department his "deep
appreciation of the spirit in which these decisions aiming at alleviat-
ing the financial burdens of the Greek Government have been taken."
  Prime Minister also states he is looking forward to discussing ar-
rangements regarding refugees and adds that Greek Minister of
Finance 96 in London has been informed.
  94No. 633, May 7, 11 p. m., not printed.
  Latter not printed.
  *' Under Secretary of State for Finance George Mantzavinos.

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