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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States diplomatic papers, 1943. General

Governmental assistance to persons forced to emigrate for political or racial reasons,   pp. 250-401 PDF (53.1 MB)

Page 261

done by the North African authorities. My 350, February 11, 9
p. rn'7
  Repeated to Algiers for Murphy.'8                        HAYS
840.48 Refugees/3615
  The Polish Almbassador (Ciechanowsski) to the Secretary of State
738/SZ-t/14                     [WASHINGTON,] February 22, 1943.
  SIR: I have the honor to refer to your note of February 5, 1943,
concerning the arrangements which the United States Government
is willing to make in order to facilitate the transportation and care of
Polish refugees to be evacuated to Mexico from the Middle Eastern
area, and to inform you that I am instructed by my Government to
say that they accept with gratitude the stipulations contained in the
above-mentioned note. These stipulations are as follows:
  [Here follow the six stipulations contained in note of February 5
to the Polish Ambassador, printed on page 259.]
  Accept [etc.]                                  J. CIECHANOWSKI
852.48/1434: Telegram
     The Ambassador in Spain (Hayes) to the Secretary of State
                                 MADRID, February 28, 1943-9 p. m.
                                    [Received March 1-1: 35 a. In.]
  469. French refugee problem continues to grow despite Spanish
Government's decision in principle to release French nationals as
number now crossing frontier far exceed number who can be released
and evacuated with present facilities. We are working with Colonel
Malaise on a program of large scale evacuation to North Africa and it
is expected that over a thousand will leave during the coming week but
influx of refugees from France continues at an estimated rate of from
150 to 500 daily with indications of further increases. Recently ar-
rived refugees report that further large numbers are preparing to
leave France prompted by German labor mobilization there and by
reports of general release of French refugees in Spain and there are
prospects of a drastic increase as the snows recede. Vast majority of
refugees appear to be males of military age anxious to reach North
Africa to fight and many are highly qualified military men.
   Pending preparation of more detailed figures on expenditures for
 relief (which include cash and/or material assistance to over 1500
   "Not printed.
   Robert D. Murphy, Personal Representative of President Roosevelt in North

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