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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States diplomatic papers, The Conferences at Cairo and Tehran, 1943

II. The First Cairo Conference,   pp. [291]-455 ff. PDF (54.6 MB)

Page 451

Release terms must warn that all material is secret and confidential
until the hour for published release and must not be discussed outside
newspaper offices or speculated upon in any way. No pre-announcement
will be made concerning tendency of important announcement and
newspapers and radio stations are directed not to make advance state-
ments of any kind whatsoever until exact hour of release. Back-
ground material at Cairo is subject to same release conditions. Stories
released must include information all principals have left Cairo for
unannounced destinations. Pictures are released same hour or when-
ever transmission is possible. These instructions are approved by the
President. Notify Chinese Minister in detail.2 Also send immedi-
ately highest priority full copy these instructions with text communi-
que to Steve Early, Secretary to the President, Washington, D. C.3
  ' Charge T'ang Wu was notified on November 29, 1943. The newly appointed
Minister, Hsu Nien-tseng, had apparently not yet arrived at his post. Lie
sented his credentials in January 1944.
  'This message was repeated, with the text of the communique, in a telegram
of November 29, 1943, from Kirk to Early, sent via Army channels.
Cairo Legatlon Records: Telegram
  The President's Special Assistant (Hopkins) to the Minister in
                          Egypt (Kirk) 1
SECRET                               [TEHRAN, November 30, 1943.]
  To Kirk for Frank Shea from Hopkins.
  Re Shea's query 2 instructions are as follows: Eliminate or hold
for later release all references to Mena House, villas occupied by any
members of party, or Mena itself. It is permissible to release details
of trip to Pyramids and Sphinx and other color stories so long as no
hint or disclosure of local conference locations is given. Cairo date-
line still stands. Text of communique unchanged. Repeat this
message to Steve Early for reference to Surles.3
  1 Sent via Navy channels.
  2 Shea at Cairo, in a telegram to Hopkins at Tehran ("for Russell
  had noted that the communiqud merely gave "in North Africa" as
the location
  of the Conference, and he queried whether specific mention of Mena in the
  background material was permissible (copy sent to Early; Roosevelt Papers).
  ' Sent to Early in paraphrase, via Army channels.

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