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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States diplomatic papers, 1937. The British Commonwealth, Europe, Near East and Africa

Turkey,   pp. 941-958 PDF (6.1 MB)

Page 949

  As to the list of articles contained in your telegram under refer-
ence, on which the Turkish Government will consider granting tariff
reductions, you may state that the indications of the- Turkish Govern-
ment's intentions are welcome and point out that when our studies
have progressed further, we shall be prepared to submit to the Tur-
kish Government a list of articles which we desire to have considered
in the negotiations for concessions by Turkey.
  We are disposed to proceed, after confirmation by the Turkish Gov-
ernment of the basis for negotiations, with the preliminary public
announcement that negotiation of a trade agreement with Turkey is
contemplated. Please say that we prefer that Turkish authorities
refrain from giving any previous publicity to the matter.
  The Turkish Embassy here has been informed of the general nature
of the discussions as to the basis for negotiating a trade agreement
and our procedure in this respect. Tobacco has not been mentioned.
  Copies of the standard general provisions 7 for inclusion in trade
agreements and of the Country Committee report on Turkey8 are
being sent you, as well as copies of the preliminary and later an-
nouncements made in connection with the negotiations with Ecuador 9
as examples of the announcements we should expect to make in the
case of Turkey.
611. 6731/215: Telegram
  The Charge in Turkey (Washington) to the Secretary of State
                             ISTANBUL, September 21, 1937-noon.
                                             [Received 4: 45 p. m.]
  56. Department's telegram No. 66, August 13, 6 p. m. On Septem-
ber 11, I sent a note to the Foreign Office explaining briefly the basis
for negotiations and our procedure and requesting confirmation of the
Turkish position and a list of articles on which concessions are desired.
On the same day, Commercial Attache Gillespie gave a more detailed
verbal explanation to the Minister of Economy.
  I have now received from the Foreign Office a note transmitting
a list identical with the one forwarded in my 39, August 9, 5 p. m.,
and stating that a reply to the other points raised in my note will
be made after the competent Department has been consulted.
7 Not printed. These were a revision of the standard general provisions
printed in Foreign Relation8, 1935, vol. I, p. 541.
  8 Not printed.
  'Department of State, Press Releases, January 9, 1937, p. 16, and April
1937, p. 208.

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