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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States diplomatic papers, 1937. The British Commonwealth, Europe, Near East and Africa

Turkey,   pp. 941-958 PDF (6.1 MB)

Page 942

bility of concluding a useful trade agreement depends upon the nature
of the trade between the two countries and upon the possibilities of
reconciling such conflicts as may exist between their commercial poli-
cies. For your confidential information, the Department is studying
American trade with Turkey and the commercial policy of the Turkish
Government with a view to determining the possibilities of a useful
trade agreement but the bilateralistic policies of Turkish trade control
and other reasons indicate doubt as to the desirability of initiating
negotiations at this time, particularly as there do not appear to be any
vital problems pressing for settlement at this time in our commercial
relations with Turkey.
The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Turkey (MacMurray)
No. 144                                WASHINGTON, May 3, 1937.
  Sm: Referring to your telegram No. 5 of November 6, 1936,4 p. m.,
and the Department's telegraphic reply of November 19, 1936, 6 p. m.,
with regard to the desire of the Turkish Government to enter into
negotiations for a trade agreement, there is enclosed for your informa-
tion a copy of a strictly confidential preliminary survey2 with refer-
ence to trade agreement possibilities with Turkey.
  The recommendation is made in the concluding paragraph of the
survey that a "country committee" for both Turkey and Greece be
created. A country committee, functioning as a subcommittee of
the interdepartmental Committee on Trade Agreements, is charged
with the responsibility of doing the technical work in preparation for
the negotiation of a trade agreement with a particular country. Each
country committee is made up of experts representing the Depart-
ments of State, Treasury, Agriculture and Commerce, and the Tariff
Commission, and such other governmental agencies as may be in a
position to contribute their advice. In view of the fact that it was
recently decided to carry out the recommendation to create a country
committee for Turkey and Greece, the Department would very much
appreciate receiving your considered comment on the possibilities of
concluding a trade agreement with Turkey, and suggests that you may
find it convenient to use the enclosed survey as a basis for your re-
marks, without, however, limiting yourself to subject matter covered
  You will observe in examining the survey that reference is made to
a lack of adequate basic information upon which to appraise prospects
'Not printed.

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