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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States diplomatic papers, 1937. The British Commonwealth, Europe, Near East and Africa

Palestine,   pp. 881-922 PDF (15.0 MB)

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July 8, 1932,81 left at the Foreign Office by this Embassy. For con-
venience of reference these paragraphs are quoted below:
  "Since the termination of a regime in a mandated territory neces-
sarily involves the 'disposition' of the territory and affects the interests
of American nationals therein, the right of the United States to be
consulted with respect to the conditions under which the territory is
subsequently to be administered is on precisely the same basis as its
right to be consulted with regard to the establishment of a mandatory
r6 ime.
eAccordingly the American Government desires to make a full
reservation of its position in this matter and, with a view to avoiding
any possible misconception which may arise in the future, to make
clear that its action in refraining from insisting upon a fulfillment of
its rights in the case of Iraq is not to be construed as an abandonment
of the principle established in 1921 that the approval of the United
States is essential to the validity of any determination which may be
reached regarding mandated territories."
  The views of my Government as set forth in the above-mentioned
correspondence are, of course, fully applicable to the proposed termi-
nation of the Palestine Mandate, and it is pertinent to add that those
views were brought to the attention of the French Government in
August, 1936,32 during the negotiations between the French Govern-
ment and a Syrian delegation looking to the termination of the
Syrian Mandate. It is hardly necessary, however, to repeat the as-
surances heretofore communicated to His Majesty's Government that
the position of my Government as set forth in the quoted correspond-
ence is based exclusively on its obligation and purpose to provide
for the protection of American interests in Palestine on a basis
of equality with those of other governments and their nationals.
  In expressing satisfaction and appreciation for the assurances fur-
nished that His Majesty's Government intends to keep the United
States Government fully informed of any proposals which may be
ma de to the Council of the League of Nations for the modification
of the Palestine Mandate, I am instructed to request that these pro-
posals may be communicated to my Government in ample time to
enable it to determine what, if any, observations it may desire to
make with a view to the preservation of American rights in Palestine.
  I have [etc.]                             (For the Ambassador)
                                            HERSCHEL V. JOHNSON
                                            Counselor of Embassy
  ' See Foreign Relations, 1932, vol. II, p. 678, footnote 11.
  3 See ibid., 1936, vol. n, pp. 496 fif.

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