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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States diplomatic papers, 1937. The British Commonwealth, Europe, Near East and Africa

Palestine,   pp. 881-922 PDF (15.0 MB)

Page 888

the publication of the Royal Commission's report, such representations
might be regarded by the British Government as merely pro forma,
for such was not the case. I emphasized on my own part to the Amr
bassador that since we were not yet in possession of the findings of the
Royal Commission and are not aware of the position that will be
taken by the British Government, it is obviously impossible at this
time to state what position this Government may take with respect
  The Ambassador said he appreciated the situation fully but was
glad to have this further confirmation from me. He then told me
that in communicating his conversation with Judge Moore to his
Government in strict confidence he had merely stated (1) that a
situation might arise after the publication of the Royal Commission's
report requiring representations by this Government regarding Pal-
estine and (2) that this Government would regret to see any dispute
arise between itself and the British Government at this time in view
of the many large mutual interests of the two Governments. The
Ambassador said he had made no reference to the matter of equality of
economic opportunity. I suggested, and he agreed, that it would be
well not to touch upon that matter at present with his Government in
view of the fact that no final formulation of a policy in this respect
bad been reached by the Department and could not of course be
reached until it had all the facts of the case in hand.
  The Ambassador thanked me again for affording him this further
clarification of the situation, which he said was very helpful.
                                               WALLACE MURRAY
867N.00/478: Telegram
The Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Biqtgham) to the Secretary
                            of State
                                    LONDON, July 1, 1937-2 p. m.
                                    [Received July 1-10: 10 a. m.]
  426. Department's 256, June 23, 5 p. m. Colonial Secretary was
asked in the House of Commons yesterday "whether it is proposed to
consult the Government of the United States of America with regard
to the future policy to be pursued in Palestine, in view of the treaty
of 3rd December 1924, between Great Britain and the United States
by which the latter became a party to the agreement to establish
Palestine as the Jewish Homeland, and which included a provision in
the first article that any modification in the mandate must be as-
sented to by the United States?"
The Colonial Secretary replied "In considering the future policy
to be pursued in Palestine, His Majesty's Government will of course

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