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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States diplomatic papers, 1937. The British Commonwealth, Europe, Near East and Africa

Liberia,   pp. 785-857 PDF (27.0 MB)

Page 839

Neep applies for the right to export from Liberia any ore as a result
of its mining operations, other than iron ore, the Government and
Neep will come to an agreement as to the conditions upon which such
ore or ores may be exported. During the first quarter of each Calendar
Year Neep shall submit to the Secretary of the Treasury of Liberia
or to such other Officer as may be by law provided, a statement show-
ing the computation of royalty due for the preceding Calendar Year.
The royalty herein provided shall become due and payable for each
preceding Calendar Year, between the first day of April and the
thirtieth day of June of each succeeding year.
  Section D. Neep, during the life of this Agreement, shall main-
tain in a satisfactory state of upkeep and repair such harbour basin
and harbour facilities as Neep shall, under the provisions of this
Agreement, construct and establish as necessary for the efficient
operation, development and maintenance of its enterprises.
  Section E. Neep will not import unskilled labour for the carrying
out of any operations, developments or maintenance undertaken by
virtue of this or any other grant except in the event the local labour
supply shall prove inadequate to the needs of Neep. In the event that
the local labour supply should prove inadequate as aforesaid, Neep
undertakes to import only such foreign unskilled labour as shall
be acceptable to the Government. It is understood and agreed that
Neep shall not have in its employ in Liberia more than (300) white
employees at any one time. The white employees employed by Neep
under contract or otherwise, shall be permitted to reside and work in
the Republic and to enter and depart therefrom, and they shall be
subject to the payment only of such direct or personal taxes as here-
under enumerated, now or hereafter authorized, levied or imposed
by the Government of Liberia; that is to say, General Property
Taxes, Income Taxes, Permit of Residence Tax, Street and Light
Tax or Custom Duties; provided however that the rate of such taxes
shall not exceed those levied upon Liberian Citizens. Should an in-
come tax law be enacted by the Legislature of Liberia, the payments
to be made thereunder by the foreign employees of Neep shall be
governed by the provisions of such treaty in respect of double taxa-
tion as may be concluded between the Government of Liberia and the
Government of the Country of which such employees shall be subject
or citizen.
  Section F. It is further agreed that Neep shall, after commence-
ment of their exploitation of the areas hereby granted, provide such
medical inspection and attention as shall be necessary to safeguard the
health and well-being of its Native employees.
  Section G. Neep shall install such safety devices and observe such
adequate safety precautions as are provided and observed by mining

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