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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States diplomatic papers, 1937. The British Commonwealth, Europe, Near East and Africa

Liberia,   pp. 785-857 PDF (27.0 MB)

Page 837

ties. All highways and roadways mentioned in this section shall,
upon completion, become public property without expense to the
Government, with the exception of future costs of maintenance. It is
further understood and agreed upon, that when constructing any
railroad under the terms of this section, Neep shall have an exclusive
right-of-way of Two Hundred and Twenty (220) feet. Neep shall
refund to the Government the cost of expropriating any private lands
for the purpose of this section of Agreement.
  Section H. Neep shall have the free right to construct, establish,
maintain and operate lines of communication for the purpose of more
efficiently operating its mines and enterprises, such as telegraph lines
and telephone lines upon the lands selected and held under this Agree-
ment and beyond the confines thereof and to the extent necessary for
such purposes may use, without the payment of rent for such lands,
any Government lands not already devoted to some other use.
  Section 1. Neep shall have the right to cut all timber upon the leased
lands covered by this Agreement. It is further agreed and understood
that Neep shall have the right to lease under the terms and conditions
of this Agreement land for the special purpose of cutting timber and
to freely transport such timber by land or water within the Republic
to its mining areas and enterprises, provided the number of acres
shall not be in addition to nor exceed the number provided in Article
II of this Agreement. The timber so cut shall not exceed Fifty (50)
Per Cent of the standing forest. The use of such timber by Neep
shall be restricted to the purpose of construction and/or buildings
which Neep may deem necessary for the efficient operation, develop-
ment and maintenance of its mines and enterprises in Liberia and may
also be used by Neep as fuel, but shall not be sold, bartered, exchanged
or exported.
  Section J. During the life of this Agreement, upon application of
Neep therefor, the Government shall detail from time to time a police
detachment not exceeding Fifty (50) Men including Officers; to serve
as a protective force or as guards and escorts during the construction,
development and maintenance of Neep's enterprises in Liberia. The
cost of maintenance of such detachments shall be refunded to the Gov-
ernment by Neep monthly upon presentation of authenticated vouch-
ers. It is understood that the cost of maintaining such a force shall
be limited to pay, uniforms, equipment and subsistence.
  Section K. The Government warrants to Neep the Title to all lands
selected by Neep under the terms and conditions of this Agreement
upon which the Government shall accept the rental or compensation
as herein provided and will defend and protect such Title for the
benefit of Neep.

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