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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States diplomatic papers, 1937. The British Commonwealth, Europe, Near East and Africa

Liberia,   pp. 785-857 PDF (27.0 MB)

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his frankness in his business dealings, I was informed that he con-
sidered it far better strategy to seek the good will and cooperation
of the Firestone Company at this time than subsequently incur pro-
nounced opposition and find the Loan Agreement an obstruction
and a source of much trouble and large expense.
  The Department will be advised accordingly of future develop-
ments in the matter and of the sentiments expressed relative thereto
by the President of the Republic of Liberia.
  Respectfully yours,                         LES"R= A. WALTON
882.635 Neep/5
    The Minister in Liberia (Walton) to the Secretary of State
No. 126                             MONROVIA, September 7, 1937.
                                        [Received September 28.]
  SnI: Referring to my telegram No. 42, August 30, 10 a. m.54 I have
the honor to transmit herewith full text of the agreement entered into
by the Liberian Government and the Noord Europeesche Erts En
Pyriet Maatschappy.
  The agreement, which is to be submitted to the Liberian Legislature
when it convenes in October, has been the subject of much discussion.
Mr. D. Caffe, Director of the Holland Syndicate, who has been an
active and conspicuous figure in promoting the project, has left Mon-
rovia for the Gold Coast. After spending a short time there looking
after his company's interests he will proceed to Amsterdam, home
office of the Noord Europeesche Erts En Pyriet Maatschappy, to con-
fer with the principals. He expects to return to Monrovia early in
  President Barclay, in an informal discussion of the agreement with
me, stated that for some time criticism has been directed against
Liberia for not developing its mineral resources. He felt that in this
move Liberia would prove to the world that this accusation is
  The attitude of the Firestone Plantations Company toward the
granting of a concession to the Noord Europeesche Erts En Pyriet
Maatschappy is not known at Monrovia. However, representatives
here manifest deep concern over the future labor situation in the event
the Noord Europeesche Erts En Pyriet Maatschappy enters Liberia.
  American, British and French diplomatic representatives at Mon-
rovia have informally made known to the Secretary of State that
they do not look with favor on the building of a harbor near their
respective Legations. Assurance has been given that no harbor will
be near enough to their sites to be deemed by them objectionable.
  Respectfully yours,                         LIEsTR A. WALTON
  "Not printed.

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