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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States diplomatic papers, 1937. The British Commonwealth, Europe, Near East and Africa

Liberia,   pp. 785-857 PDF (27.0 MB)

Page 820

  On November 5, I transmitted a formal note to the Department of
State registering emphatic protest against insistence that I certify
official stationery sent by the Department of State to the American
Legation "would not be sold, exchanged or transferred to persons who
are not entitled to free entry privileges."
  I have been implacable in my contention that the phraseology
couched in Regulation 2b, Administrative Circular No. 5, 1937 is a
reflection on the veracity of a diplomatic officer and that the wording
of the old regulation is adequate. Following several informal con-
versations with Secretary Simpson, on November 9, the official sta-
tionery was turned over to the American Legation in pursuance to
instructions from the Department of State. No certification was
made by the American Minister pending settlement of subject at
  A formal note was received from Secretary of State Simpson on
November 9, in reply to my note of October 25, in which he advised
that the new customs requirements are equally specific in regard to
Cabinet officers of the Government and that the Department of State
has ascertained that the heads of the British and German representa-
tions have complied with the requirements of Administrative Circu-
lar No. 5, Regulation 2b, without question or protest.
  In informally thanking Secretary Simpson for kindly interest shown
in releasing the stationery, the American Minister asked to be in-
formed what motivated the Financial Adviser to issue Regulation 2b,
Administrative Circular No. 5, 1937.
  I pointed out that I did not take exceptions to Regulation 2b as
Doyen of the Diplomatic Corps, but as the American Minister. Hence
the attitude of other foreign representatives at Monrovia in the prem-
ises had no connection whatsoever with that assumed by the American
  I herewith enclose for the Department's information copies of let-
ters exchanged between the Foreign Office and the American
  Respectfully yours,                         LESTER A. WALTON
682.00241/3: Telegram
    The Minister in Liberia (Walton) to the Secretary of State
                             MONROVIA, December 10, 1937-3 p. ni.
                             [Received December 10-12: 55 p. m.]
  69. Legislature passed bill allowing missionaries free entry on
personal effects up to $150 yearly.
  "2 Not printed.

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