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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States diplomatic papers, 1937. The British Commonwealth, Europe, Near East and Africa

Iraq,   pp. 767-784 PDF (6.7 MB)

Page 768

  Article VI defines the relationship between the proposed treaty and
the tripartite convention.
  You are requested to inform the Department by telegraph as to
the attitude of the Iraqi Government towards the enclosed draft.
If accepted as drafted the Department will send you full powers.
You should make preparations to have the final text translated into
Arabic and engrossed at Baghdad.
  Very truly yours,                   For the Secretary of State:
                                               R. WALTON MOORE
Draft of Treaty of Commerce and Navigation Between the United
          State8 of America and the Kingdom of Iraq
  The United States of America and the Kingdom of Iraq, taking
cognizance of the provisions of Article 7 of the Convention, signed
at London, January 9, 1930, to which the United States of America,
Great Britain, and Iraq are Parties, whereby on the termination of
the special relations existing between His Britannic Majesty and His
Majesty the King of Iraq, negotiations shall be entered into between
the United States and Iraq for the conclusion of a treaty in regard
to their future relations, have resolved to conclude a treaty of Com-
merce and Navigation and for that purpose have appointed as their
  The President of the United States of America:
and His Majesty the King of Iraq:
  Who, having communicated to each other their full powers found
to be in due form, have agreed upon the following articles:
                           ARcIcLE I
  In respect of import and export duties, all other charges imposed
on or in connection with importation or exportation, and the method
of levying such duties and charges, as well as in respect of transit,
warehousing and customs formalities, and the treatment of commer-
cial traveler's samples, the United States of America will accord to
Iraq and Iraq will accord to the United States of America, its ter-
ritories and possessions, unconditional most-favored-nation treatment.
  Therefore, no higher or other duties shall be imposed on the importa-
tion into or the disposition in the United States of America, its terri-
tories or possessions, of any articles the produce or manufacture of
Iraq than are or shall be payable on like articles the produce or manu-
facture of any other foreign country.

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