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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States diplomatic papers, 1937. The British Commonwealth, Europe, Near East and Africa

Iran,   pp. 718-766 PDF (18.1 MB)

Page 733

Administration with regard to the non-delivery in Iran of American
second-class mail.
  It appears that in taking up this matter with the Iranian Postal
Administration, the Post Office Department had made specific refer-
ence to the case of the National Geographic Magazine. In its reply
therefore the Iranian Postal Administration, making reference only
to the specific case of National Geographic, asked that it be supplied
with the names and addresses of subscribers who had not received the
magazine to the end that an appropriate investigation might be made.
No reference whatsoever was made to the general subject of restric-
tions on second-class mail.
  In making this reply the Iranian Postal Administration was
obviously side-stepping the whole issue of restrictions on second-class
mail, and as a result the whole question is left completely up in the
  It may be observed in this connection that the original communica-
tion of the Post Office Department to the Iranian Postal Administra-
tion was dated September 15, 1936. It was followed up by subsequent
communications on the subject dated November 9, 1936, January 26,
1937, and March 22, 1937. In the case of the communication of
March 22, 1937, Mr. Russell stated that the inquiry had been of a
general nature and had not mentioned any specific publication.
  When inquiry was made as to what action the Post Office Depart-
ment contemplated taking in the matter, Mr. Russell stated that they
intended to communicate with National Geographic for the purpose
of securing the names and addresses of Iranian subscribers who had
not received their copies of the National Geographic, and that this
information would be transmitted to the Iranian Postal Administra-
tion in accordance with its suggestion. He seemed to be of the
opinion that there was little that could be done for the relief of sub-
scribers in Iran of American publications as long as the Iranian
Government maintains its present adamant position.
891.711/52: Telegramn
       The Charge in Iran (Engert) to the Secretary of State
                               TEHERN, July 14, 1937-10 a. m.
                                           [Received 10: 45 a. m.]
  47. Legation's 40, June 22, 8 a. m.'8 I am now unofficially informed
that at the last meeting of the Cabinet it was decided to permit de-
livery of second-class mail from the United States to all addresses
in Iran excepting only publications which have used objectionable
language in the past. Considering that the Iranian Government has
1 Not printed.

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