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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States diplomatic papers, 1937. The British Commonwealth, Europe, Near East and Africa

Italy,   pp. 435-506 PDF (27.1 MB)

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711.652/133: Telegram
    The Ambassador in Italy (Phillips) to the Secretary of State
                                  ROME, December 6, 1937-5 p. m.
                               [Received December 6-2: 06 p. m.]
  503. Department's 188, December 4, 4 p. m. As regards article 20,
the Italian authorities suggest that their point of view would be taken
care of by the addition of the phrase "and the Italian possessions and
colonies" after the phrase "except the Panama Canal Zone"
in the
original American draft of this article. They also inquire whether
under this condition the American Government would later wish to
exclude its possessions and colonies.
711.652/131c: Telegram
   The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Italy (Phillips)
                           WASHINGTON, December 6,1937-7 p. m.
  189. Department's 186 of December 2. We have been concerned be-
cause of the lack of progress so far made during the negotiations in
respect of a satisfactory solution of the problems involved in
Article 6.
  In instruction No. 163 of August 9, 1937, it was pointed out that we
were not at all clear as to the meaning of the first Italian counter
proposal and the Embassy was requested to obtain from appropriate
Italian officials a full explanation of its purpose and intent, including
some indication of the rights which in the opinion of the Italians
would be accorded thereunder. The statement in Italian memorandum
of September 22 that the first Italian counter proposal relates to the
provision of the Italian law which in certain cases requires the citizen
naturalized abroad to perform military obligations does not throw
sufficient light upon the extent, if any, to which the Italian Govern-
ment is prepared to go in order that a solution of the problems in-
volved might be worked out. The language of the second Italian
counter proposal (Italian memorandum of September 22) is clearer
but it offers no assurances whatever with respect to the question of
which persons are included within the term "citizens of the United
States in Italy" and "Italian citizens in the United States of
  In view of our uncertainty and lack of information with respect
to whether or not the Italian Government is prepared to make any
concessions whatever to the end that a solution of the question might
be worked out, we think it would be futile to attempt to formulate a
new proposal.

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