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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States diplomatic papers, 1937. The British Commonwealth, Europe, Near East and Africa

Italy,   pp. 435-506 PDF (27.1 MB)

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concerning the extension of the Italo-Japanese treaty  to Ethiopia
have been in process for at least a year and I understand have not yet
been concluded.46L
  Although I shall make every effort to secure agreement to the De-
partment's suggestion concerning article XXII that "the words 'for
the United States of America', and 'for Italy' be used at the end above
the signatures of the plenipotentiaries" it is probable that the Italians
will insist upon the formula now established by law in Italy and used
as I recall in Suvich's credentials, namely, that the Foreign Minister
will sign on behalf of the King of Italy and Emperor of Ethiopia.
In this eventuality have I your permission to accept the above formula ?
  Department's telegram No. 187, December 2, 7 p. m. The treaty
with Austria was signed last night including list B. If the Depart-
ment is unwilling to accept these exemptions it will be equivalent to
requiring that these preferences granted Austria on account of its
special position be extended as well to the United States. The De-
partment's telegram No. 168, October 19, 5 p. m., stated that it was not
the intention of the American Government to object to the granting
of all preferences of the kind in question but it was felt that the
products on which, and the countries to which such preferences should
be granted should be specified and the degree of preference agreed upon
and stated. These preferences are now limited in their application to
one country and have been specified by the Italian Government which
is granting them to Austria in connection with its general policy with
respect to aid to that country just as the United States has exempted
its commercial relations with Cuba from the application of the most
favored nation principle.
  Before discussing this point with the Italian authorities may I re-
quest reconsideration of the Department's position as regards the
second list of preferences list B.
711.652/132: Telegram
  The Secretary of State to the Ambassador In Italy (Phillips)
                            WASHINGTON, December 4, 1937-4 p. m.
  188. Your 497, December 3. As regards Article XX, we are not
clear as to the basis for the statement that from the beginning of
" Treaty of Commerce and Navigation signed at Rome, November 25, 1912;
French text, see British and Foreign State Papers, vol. cvi, p. 1080.
46a As a result of these negotiations, an Additional Agreement to the 1912
was signed at Rome, December 30, 1937; for text, see British and Foreign
Papers, vol. cxu, p. 1098.

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