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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States diplomatic papers, 1937. The British Commonwealth, Europe, Near East and Africa

Italy,   pp. 435-506 PDF (27.1 MB)

Page 478

the end of the year, everything following the word "Austria" should
of course be-deleted, and the words "accorded by Italy to Austria on
January 1, 1938" substituted for "now accorded by Italy to Austria."
  Since the quotas set forth in list A are customs quotas and not
absolute quotas, it is our understanding that the proposed treaty provi-
sion would render the provisions of the third paragraph of article VIII
inapplicable to these customs quotas, but would not affect their appli-
cation to absolute quotas or to additional customs quotas. Hence the
United States would not be entitled to claim any share of the amount
of any article enumerated in list A which is admitted -from Austria
at the preferential rate of duty. But if there is also an absolute
limitation on the total amount of imports of such an article, then the
United States would be entitled to a share, determined in accordance
with article VIII, of the total permitted amount of such imports,
including all imports from Austria. On the other hand, if, in addition
to the limited amount of such an article which may be imported at
the preferential rate, an unlimited amount should be permitted to be
imported from Austria at the general rate, then imports of such article
from the United States would likewise be exempt from quantitative
limitation. In order to avoid any possible misunderstanding on this
matter, the word "tariff" has been inserted. You are requested
make this clear to the Italian authorities.
711.652/132: Telegram
    The Am^bassador in Italy (Phlllips) to the Secretary of State
                                    Romm, December 3,1937-noon.
                                [Received December 3-8: 40 a. m.]
  497. Department's No. 186, December 2, 2 p. m., article XX. From
the beginning of the negotiations the Italian authorities have main-
tained the point of view that the matter of extension of the treaty to
the Italian colonies should form the subject of a separate and sub-
sequent agreement when their studies concerning the new colonial
regime and special arrangements for the colonies have been completed.
Furthermore, the Italian memorandum quoted in the Embassy's tele-
gram No. 425, September 23, and despatch No. 579, September 24,
states that "Full extension of the treaty to the colonies is impossible".
I also understand that no other recent general Italian commercial
treaty includes the colonies, even those which have been concluded
with powers which have recognized Italian sovereignty over Ethiopia.
In this connection it may be recalled that the Japanese negotiations

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