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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States diplomatic papers, 1937. The British Commonwealth, Europe, Near East and Africa

Italy,   pp. 435-506 PDF (27.1 MB)

Page 446

  2) Final consideration is being given the Italian proposals with
respect to the other articles of the treaty and it is expected that our
counter proposals will be forwarded to the Embassy within about 2
  3) Reduction of the period during which Article 8 may be termi-
nated to 3 months is a very vital part of our counter proposal of March
17, 1937, and is necessary, we feel, because of (1) the concessions ac-
corded Italy in that article, and (2) the changing character of present
trade control methods. If the period be extended as now proposed by
Italy, we feel that it would be necessary to revise again the text of
Article 8.
  4) The Italian amendment of Article 19 as proposed on December
15, 19360,3 is so broad in its terms that it would nullify to a large ex-
tent the effectiveness of Article 8. It is therefore unsatisfactory to
this Government. We are disposed to agree, however, to the inclu-
sion of qualified exceptions in respect of Danubian countries and
Albania, but in order that we may give the subject appropriate con-
sideration, it is necessary that the Italian Government supply this
Government with information in respect of the following in writing:
  a) Which countries does Italy desire to be included in the
  b) Precisely, what are the advantages now accorded to such coun-
tries which conflict with the provisions of the treaty? As regards
trade matters, what are the specific tariff, tax, quota, exchange and
other advantages now accorded these countries?
  c) Are the advantages in reference intended to come within the
purview of recommendations of the Stresa Conference, the Rome
Protocols, or any other European scheme for economic assistance to
Central and Eastern Europe?
  5) We are not clear as to what is meant by "the supplementary
protocol". Does this have reference to the questions involved in
Article 20 relating to the territorial application of the treaty?
  With reference to the Italian proposals for a trade agreement,
studies are being made, as you are aware, of the commodities entering
into trade between the two countries and of the possible concessions
to be requested or granted. These studies are not as yet sufficiently
advanced for the Department to make fully considered comment on
the Italian proposals.
  You may bring the foregoing information and inquiries to the at-
tention of the Foreign Office in such manner as you may deem ap-
propriate and at the same time express this Government's apprecia-
tion of the friendly spirit in which the negotiations are being con-
  'Article 19 provided for certain exceptions to the treaty. The Italians
posed that the stipulations of the treaty not extend to the advantages then
accorded by Italy to countries of the Danubian Basin and to Albania.

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