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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States diplomatic papers, 1937. The British Commonwealth, Europe, Near East and Africa

Germany,   pp. 319-405 PDF (32.6 MB)

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Germany that he could not refrain from expressing the belief that any
Ambassador of the United States in Berlin who possessed these rela-
tions with the high officials of the German Government would be very
helpful in furthering that objective.
                                             S[UMNER] W[ELLES]
123 Dodd, William E./215: Telegram
  The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Germany (Dodd)
                         WASHINGTON, November 22, 1937-1 p. m.
  117. The President has requested me to inform you that he desires
to appoint Hugh Gibson, at present Ambassador to Belgium, to suc-
ceed you as Ambassador to Germany.88 Mr. Gibson's biography may
be found in the last edition of the Register of the Department of State.
Please advise the Foreign Office immediately of the President's desire
and ascertain whether Mr. Gibson's appointment as Ambassador to
Germany will be agreeable to the German Government, and telegraph
the Department accordingly.
  The President desires me further to say that he appreciates deeply
the services which you have rendered this Government during the time
you have been Ambassador in Berlin.
  Because of the complications with which you are familiar, and
which threaten to increase, much as the President regrets any personal
inconvenience which may be occasioned to you, he desires me to request
that you arrange to leave Berlin, if possible, by December 15th and,
in any event, not later than Christmas.89
  I should like personally to add the expression of my own regret
because of the situation which has arisen and which must be solved in
this manner and my own personal appreciation of the services you
have rendered the Government.
123 Dodd, William E./213: Telegram
    The Charge in Germany (Gilbert) to the Secretary of State
                                BERLIN, January 13, 1938-2 p. m.
                                [Received January 13-11: 10 a. m.]
  12. The Chief of the American Section of the Foreign Office asked
me to come to see him yesterday and showed me a number of press
88Mr. Gibson declined the appointment and Ambassador Dodd was succeeded
by Mr. Hugh Wilson.
  ' Mr. Dodd relinquished his post and departed from Germany on December
29, 1937.

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