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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States diplomatic papers, 1937. The British Commonwealth, Europe, Near East and Africa

Estonia,   pp. 259-274 PDF (5.6 MB)

Page 274

restrictions upon the transfer of payments therefor, provide a broad
basis for the development of a market in this country for Estonian
  The Government of the United States appreciates that the Estonian
Government is not now in a position to permit unrestricted imports
and it desires, in general, only a guarantee that such restrictions and
regulations as the Estonian Government may see fit to impose upon
imports will not operate to the disadvantage of this country as com-
pared with third countries.
  It is, of course, highly desirable that an agreement be concluded,
if possible, prior to May 22, 1938. Therefore, if it appears at all
possible that a satisfactory understanding on basic principles can
be reached with the Estonian Government as a result of your pre-
liminary discussions, you should consult the Department by tele-
graph with reference to the details of any counter-proposals made by
the Estonian authorities. If, on the other hand, the Estonian Govern-
ment displays little willingness to meet the Department's views on
the points which have been indicated as essential, it may be preferable
for you to transmit to the Department by mail any counter-proposals
which are made to you. In determining which procedure to follow,
you should bear in mind that a complete understanding with regard
to possible concessions is not essential to the issuance of a preliminary
announcement that negotiations are under contemplation. However,
the Department would not wish to make such an announcement unless
discussions with Estonia had progressed sufficiently to indicate sub-
stantial possibility of successful negotiations.
  Very truly yours,                    For the Secretary of State:
                                                 FRANCIS B. SAYRE

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