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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States diplomatic papers, 1937. The British Commonwealth, Europe, Near East and Africa

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611.60131/65: Telegram
The Acting Secretary of State to the Charge in Estonia (Leonard)
                                 WASHINGTON, May 25,1937-4 p. m.
  5. Your No. 7, May 15, 1937. If you have not already done so,
please acknowledge Foreign Office's note of May 15, 1937, and say
that the Government of the United States accepts the note as a with-
drawal of the Estonian proposal of April 22, 1936, insofar as that
proposal would have operated to terminate the treaty of friendship,
commerce and consular rights between the United States and Estonia
on May 22, 1937, thereby continuing the treaty in force until May
22, 1938. At the same time you may again express this Government's
appreciation of Estonia's courtesy.20
611.60131/77: Telegram
     The Secretary of State to the Mini8ter in Estonia (Lane)
                                WASHINGTON, July 14, 1937-6 p. m.
  46. Your No. 91, July 10, 1 p. m.2' Estonian informal proposals 22
are being given careful study but it is not probable that the Depart-
ment will be in a position to submit its comments with regard to them
until several weeks hence.
     The Secretary of State to the Charge In Estonia (Leonard)
No. 26                            WASHINGTON, December 22, 1937.
  SIR: Reference is made to the Legation's despatches Nos. 179 and 180
of May 27, 1937, and No. 236 of August 19, 1937,23 and to previous cor-
respondence relative to the possible negotiation of a trade agreement
between the United States and Estonia.
  The proposals submitted by the Estonian Government and trans-
mitted to the Department with the despatches referred to above have
been given careful study by the interdepartmental trade-agreement
20   Charg6 in Estonia reported in his despatch No. 178 (Diplomatic), May
26, that this instruction had been embodied in a note handed by him to the
Estonian Acting Minister for Foreign Affairs on the same day (611.60i31/72).
2 Not printed.
2' The Estonian informal proposals and comments relative to a reciprocal
treaty were contained In despatch No. 180 (Diplomatic), May 27, from the
in Estonia (611.60131/74).
2 None printed.

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